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Local Chef Otto Wants To Go Gangnam Style For A Month

psy-chef-bibigoby Steven Doyle

You remember Psy, the viral K-pop star who was responsible for that whole Gangnam thing. He is about to embark on a world tour and needs a chef to cook for him. So naturally he made a YouTube video about it rather than write a help-wanted ad. It is all part of a promotion with Bibigo, a Korean food web site.

The rules of the contest require candidates to upload videos of the cooking skills. The winner will receive two weeks training and take on the role of Psy’s chef for a month starting July 31, 2013. The salary is $40,000 plus expenses. Not a bad gig.    Continue reading

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Hail Caesar!

by Arnold Wayne Jones

The annual Caesar Salad Competition0 may still be the only place in town where salad eaters still have to work to avoid meat. That’s because chefs vying to be lauded with “Hail Caesar!” at the annual fundraiser for the American Institute of Wine & Food don’t limit themselves to the classic Tijuana creation by Italian chef Cesar Cardini (Romaine, Worcestershire sauce, raw egg, croutons, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice and grated Parmesan; anchovies optional).

Most choose add-ons to sway attendees, who vote on the winner. And those add-ons can be everything from a fancy bread pudding infused with chicken craklins to a side of beef (OK, maybe not a full side). And that’s were vegetarians need beware: Meat is common. Continue reading

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Kosmas Wins Cointreau Competition

by Steven Doyle

This weekend many of the top bartenders in town met for a summit to see who would represent the DFW area in Cointreau’s bartending throw down in New York City.  Sunday evening LeAnn Berry (Komali), Brian McCullough (Standard Pour), Trevor Landry (DISH), Abe Bedell (Oak), Omar Yeefoon (Cedars Social), Jason Kosmas (Village Marquee) and Emily Perkins (The Porch) all met at the new NYLO Southside to entertain invited guests and to mix cocktails made from a table of unusual ingredients.

The ultimate winner of the Cointreau contest in New York will represent at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival in France as the American Ambassador.    Continue reading

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DallasBrewFest Next Week And You Can Win A Pair Of VIP Passes Here

by Steven Doyle

Join Dallas Observer on Saturday, September 15th in the Dallas Arts District as they jam the  DallasBrewFest presented by Gateway Buick GMC (Formerly Brew at the Zoo). Enjoy sampling over 150 types of beer from around the globe, while listening to live music from Cody Canada and The Departed and Kirby Brown. Doors open at 6:00 for VIP and 7:00 for General Admission.           Continue reading


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White Trash Bash At Bryan Street Tavern This Sunday

by Steven Doyle

We like Bryan Street Tavern. The food is good, the beer selection was recently upgraded with additional taps, the music is always fantastic and they run some fun promotions. Remember, this is where Tacopalooza took place this year.

Now ready yourself for some Labor Day weekend fun and excitement when the guys at Bryan Street throw their White Trash Bash this Sunday, September 2, 2012 starting at 2pm.          Continue reading

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Alex Perez Speaks Out About the Spicy Chili Donut Contest at Hypnotic

by Alex Perez

I get asked all the time, “Alex, why do you do the crazy things you do like food competitions?”  I tell them that besides enjoying pain and suffering, I actually enjoy chowing down the food.  That brings me to this past Saturday’s event held at Hypnotic Donuts in East Dallas – The Spicy Chile Donut Eating Contest.  I normally cancel everything to commit and do as many food competitions as possible but due to the conflicting dates of a pre-existing event, I was not going to attend the donut challenge.  So I thought.  I must admit that I was a tad saddened about not being able to compete in the Spicy Donut competition, but that all changed Friday morning.

I received news Friday from a friend that we were in fact not going on our planned trip and quickly made the decision to email Hypnotic Donuts to sign up for the challenge.  The owner of Hypnotic, James, responded quickly and confirmed I had a spot in the competition. It was on.          Continue reading

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