National Taco Day Sends Us To Blue Mesa

by Steven Doyle

While 95% of the blogosphere is out celebrating National Taco Day at fast food joints across DFW we are slipping out early today to grab a fistful of free tacos in the bar at Blue Mesa. These tacos are pretty spectacular and come in several styles such as their picadillo (potato and beef), chicken, and beef. Did we mention these tacos were free and come by the handful? 

There are plenty of Blue Mesa locations across the city, and you may also enjoy one of their top shelf margaritas that always pairs well with freebie tacos. Blue Mesa’s promotion runs from 4:30 to 7:30pm, October 4, 2012.

For those still wanting their fast food taco fix, check out Taco Bueno for a free crispy taco. For a fast food taco they are light and crispy without the insane amount of saltiness often found in a chain taco.

Fuzzy’s Taco will be selling their tacos for a buck today. Check that one out if you are so inclined.

You could actually dispense with the holiday brouhaha and head out to one of craveDFW’s favorite taco mosh pits in East Dallas. We love la Banqueta even with the requisite hobos and squishy dining room with seating for a total of eight people. The location on Bryan Street makes us feel like we are in Tijuana and probably would accept pesos as legal tender. Let us know how that works out.

Wherever you decide to celebrate Taco Day, be safe and drink plenty of liquids.

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