Chef DAT Pays A Visit To JW Tate For One Tasty Evening

by Jennifer Thomas

This Tuesday, October 9, 2012 Chef DAT will visit one of our favorite Dallas bartenders, JW Tate at Tate’s Bar on McKinney. Here the two young minds will meld in a cocktail and culinary feast for a special gathering. Consider this a party, an underground dinner, and a cocktail throwdown all wrapped into one private evening for you and a few select friends.   

The evening starts at 7pm with a party featuring a DJ and $5 Sazeracs starting just after 10pm. Dinner is $65 with a $20 upcharge for cocktail pairings. Check out DATs webby thing for reservations.  You can also drop DAT a note for more info at Reservations are a must.

Here is what the meal and pairings look like.


Bayona’s garlic soup, bouquet garni, fennel pollen, french bread

Campari, House Made Kola, Prosecco, Fennel Pollen & Salt


arugula, speck, goat cheese, pecan, balsamic

Aylesbury Duck Vodka Infused with Chanterelles & Tellicherry Peppercorns, Cocchi Americano, Lemon Oils


sous vide halibut, leek fried rice, candied blood orange zest, absinthe butter

P.F. 1840 Cognac, Lemon, Sweet Vermouth, House Made Tonic, Absinthe


smoked lamb shank, field peas, bourbon glazed carrot, mint, oyster mushroom

Booker’s Bourbon, Sugar, Bitters, Lemon & Orange Oil


kabocha squash crisp, nutella paint, Dude, Sweet Crack, Pampero Aniversario ice cream

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