Pizzeria Testa Napolentana Opens Today In Frisco

by Steven Doyle

Enter another pizzeria that offers true Neapolitan style. This time the good people in Frisco are beneficiaries of this growning trend at Pizzeria Testa. Look for antipasti such as prosciutto and melon, caprese and charcuterie, along with calzoni, panuozzi, and salads.    

The pizza will be authentic Neapolitan with toppings you might have become familiar with at other pizzerias of this style, and also look for the hyper authentic meter-long pizza, which is how it is served in many locations in Italy where the pie is measured and cut with a knife or scissors and sold by weight.

Pizzeria Testa opens today at 8660 Church Street in Frisco, Texas.


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5 responses to “Pizzeria Testa Napolentana Opens Today In Frisco

  1. Honk

    Nope… just chuck testa.

  2. Carol P

    Horrid pizza

  3. Roberto Sgueglia

    The pizza was excellent!!!! Just like in Napoli. This type of pizza is not common in the texas area and i am so happy that its in Frisco, tx. You have to understand that some people will not be used to this pizza because the pizza in the united states is americanized. Just like chinese food in america is not the same as in china. Im sure if someone would order a traditional texas dish lets say in seattle, it wouldnt come close to what its like in texas. Please give it a try, this is truly authentic pizza made exactly how they do it in Naples, Italy. Grazie ;))

  4. Uncle Mickey

    This is your Uncle Mickey. I am very impressed, Agnes and Mike would be proud. The menu is very Italian. Looks good. Your mother and aunt enjoyed your company and business. Chau! Signing off Uncle Mickey.
    I have no e-mail address now.

  5. John F. Powell

    Awesome! This place is a treat and my entire family loves it! We all restaurant critics and this place is a home run.
    I’ve never been to Italy. However, if the Pizza is this good I’m going.
    Simply fantastic.

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