Mesa Veracruz Has New Fall Menu

by Steven Doyle

Raul and Olga Reyes have been on the Dallas restaurant scene for some time now. First the coupled opened La Palapa Veracruzana which shuttered in 2009, then more recently with one of the finest interior Mexican restaurants in Dallas, Mesa Veracruz Coastal Cuisine. Natives of Veracruz, Mexico, the couple stay true to their craft, enhancing the menu to reflect the seasons and the taste from their roots. The menu was just recently updated and we were invited to sample some of the new cuisine.

You may still enjoy the classics such as Mesa’s ceviche, which is made sweet with a slight tomatoey goodness and the addition of ripe avocados and fresh cut cilantro that reminds me of my first vacation in Mexico. Or the classic Enmoladas which is made with house-made mole which takes a full day to create and well over 20 ingredients. The family has mad skills.  

The bar is the hub which binds all the dishes to perfection. Last evening we spotted daughter Jaretzy behind the bar professionally mixing it up to concoct beverages that meld so well with the food that her parents craft each night. Nothing overbearing, nothing too sweet. Look for fresh juices and horchata along with top shelf spirits to lift an evening, as well as a full line of wines from Chile, Argentina and Spain.

A few of our favorite cocktails include the jamaica Paloma which is hibiscus water, vodka or tequila, fresh lime and soda. Another favorite is the Mesa Horchata which is their own infusion of coconut and vanilla rum mixed with house-made horchata.

Check out a few of the new items now found on the Mesa menu.

Enchiladas de Mole Stuffed chicken mole enchiladas served with a side of jasmine rice

Carne Asada Cecina (smoked dried meat) served with house salad, black beans, rice onions and a tamale

Cochinita Pibil Mexican slow cooked pork dish that is sow cooked in citrus and served with jasmine rice, black beans and escabeche

Guiso del Rey Seafood combination with fresh  jalapeno, mussels, clams, octopus and shrimp all in a beautiful broth

Enchiladas de Langosta Lobster enchiladas served with a bell pepper cream sauce and served with a stuffed avocado with crabmeat, mango and pico de gallo

Mesa is a beautiful family run restaurant that is a must try for anyone visiting the Dallas area.

Mesa Veracruz Coastal Cuisine
118 W Jefferson, Dallas

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