Grab A Grimaldi’s Pizza: Contest!

by Steven Doyle

Patsy Grimaldi is a purest when it comes to pizza. Grimaldi learned the trade from his Uncle Lancieri, who trained with the man credited with opening the first pizzeria in America in 1905. Lancieri opened his own pizzeria in East Harlem in 1931, where Grimaldi started learning the art of coal brick oven pizza at the tender age of 10.

In time, Grimaldi was ready to open the first of his two pizzerias in New York. Soon the smoky taste of his coal fired brick oven pizza became a “must have” for numerous pizza lovers and celebrities alike including Frank Sinatra and former NYC Mayor Giuliani.   

“Why coal-fired ovens?” Grimaldi says, “Over seventy five years ago all pizzerias and bakeries cooked with coal because it gave the pizza a unique flavor, and a crisp crust that is just not possible from gas, convection or wood ovens.”

Baking in a coal fired brick oven gives Grimaldi’s pizza a flavorful and authentic taste. Grimaldi’s fresh ingredients, “secret recipe” pizza sauce, special cheese and dough, has made Grimaldi’s Pizzeria the most award winning pizza restaurant in the United States.

When Grimaldi was ready to retire he passed along his pizza secrets to his favorite nephew by choice who was as passionate about pizza as he was. As coal fired brick oven cooking was a dying art, he wanted to ensure that future generations would be able to experience the unique and truly authentic pizza that has been enjoyed in America since the early 1900’s, that is Grimaldi’s Pizzeria.

It has been said that the secret to true New York-style pizza is the water. Grimaldi’s believes that too, going to great lengths to keep the integrity of the water used in the Brooklyn pizzeria by hiring a chemist to analyze and recreate the mineral content and exact composition of the water. A custom water system pumping “New York water” is installed in every Grimaldi’s Pizzeria to ensure that the dough tastes as authentically New York as possible.

There are four locations of Grimaldi’s in the Dallas area including the newest in Grapevine.

If you haven’t tried  Grimaldi’s Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria we are going to give you a chance. Make a comment below telling us why you deserve a fifty dollar gift certificate and you could be a winner. We will announce two randomly selected winners on Wednesday, and the cards will be sent from their corporate office to your home or office.

Mangia, mangia!



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51 responses to “Grab A Grimaldi’s Pizza: Contest!

  1. Rob

    I am now craving pizza and would love $50 to help get rid of the cravings.

  2. LuAnn Bergman

    I LOVE pizza!!!!!

  3. My family loves pizza! Plus I have just started my own business and funds are tight so a night out for pizza would be such a blessing. 🙂

  4. Mr. Jeem

    Love some coal fired pizza! I’m hungry for $50 of Grimaldi’s pizza.

  5. Mmmmm. I know what I’ll spend the $50 of Grimaldi’s pizza on.

  6. I visited the Grapevine location recently and the pies taste just like the pies in New York, thanks to the special water and ovens.. I need $50 so I can treat my friends….

  7. Rebecca S

    Randomly pick me! Randomly pick me!

  8. Jean Powell

    Yum! Ready for some great pizza!

  9. Rho

    Because of Lombardi’s in NYC, I will ONLY eat coal fired oven pizza! Grimaldi’s is our weekly pizza fix!

  10. judge david

    Whose campaign do you have to contribute to to win one of the CraveDFW contests? 😉

  11. I need a New York style pizza in case New York doesn’t exist much longer.

  12. I love Grimaldi’s and if I win, I will stuff freshly-made pizzas down the stockings of several of my closest friends.

  13. I love cheese cake and this place looks like the bomb. The pizza looks just as tasty and can’t wait to visit them.


  14. Jordan

    Best pizza I’ve had in the DFW area. If I win this GC, I will demolish me some delicious pizza.

  15. I need to win because I spent $50.00 this weekend eating the crapiest pizza I’ve ever had. Now I deserve to try the best.

  16. Why do I deserve the gift certificate? Because of my rugged good looks? Because of my Southern charm and personality? Because of my philanthropy and generous attitude? Or, is it because I’ve never had coal oven pizza? I’m gonna go with the latter since all the other possible reasons are entirely made up in my head!

  17. Tony

    I’d love to win the $50.00 prize for your pizza. I would share the pizza with my office. I have told them why this is some great pizza. They are skeptical and won’t try it on their own. Help me win them over.

  18. giantsis

    I’d love to win for a Girls Night Out! Ditch those hubbies and go gobble up some pizza! Sounds like a good plan to me!

  19. Brad

    One of the worst pizzas i have had in Dallas was from the Uptown Grimaldi’s location. The bottom crust was burned while the upper crust was doughy and not cooked. We have never been back as the waiter seemed to act as if that is the way it was supposed to be when we complained about the pizza.

  20. Nic

    I need pizza

  21. It’s my birthday on Wednesday and what better way to celebrate than with a pizza.

  22. Carlynn

    Grimaldis brings friends together and pizza is always a great celebration

  23. JaimeLeeP

    My aunt, who’s living with my parents while undergoing treatment for cancer, is obsessed with Grimaldi’s pizza! It always makes her feel better and I would love to give her a $50 certificate!

  24. Anish

    Grimaldi’s is my fav pizza in Dallas!!!

  25. Sherri thomas

    I LUV GRIMALDI’S!!!!!! MY #1 CHOICE!!!!!

  26. This is, hands down, our favorite pizza place! My daughter picks the Allen location every year for her “birthday dinner”. Every weekend she begs me to make the drive north. Once, she even offered to use part of her own savings just to eat there. So if you randomly select me, she can keep her college fund going and we still get the best pizza ever! 🙂

  27. Susan

    I moved to Dallas 4 months ago from NYC and some NYC pizza would help solve any homesickness. Also, can I get a glass of the NYC water, please?! It’s the best (I even use a glass jar to keep water in my fridge at home that says “Drink NYC Water” on it).

  28. I’ve been trying to get my wife to go there, I can’t seem to get her away from Campisi’s and I want to branch out! I NEED a reason!!

  29. Mandy

    I love Grimaldi’s. It’s the best pizza I have had in Dallas. Every time I go (even by myself) I get a large and take home the left overs! Yummy 🙂

  30. Yep… Now I am craving pizza like everyone else! I would love a gift card to check out Grimaldi’s. What a treat. Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. Lisa A. Lanier

    I LOVE Grimaldi’s pizza. I ate there after a happy hour party, and it was excellent. They even gave me a $5.00 off coupon, so I will come back. I love coal-fired pizza!!! Pizza is the best comfort food!

  32. Stuart Blake

    Grimaldi’s pizza is the best! Good salads too.

  33. Susan

    I would love a gift card to Grimaldi’s so I can treat the family to a nice dinner out. I would look forward to their hot, coal-fired pizzas that are thinly sliced but oh-so good!

  34. Greg

    I used to live in NYC and went to the “real” Grimaldi’s by the Brooklyn bridge. I’d love to see how this compares.

  35. Bob

    oooomgowa….who got the magic power. love me some ny pizza baby!!!!

  36. Love their thin crust pizza and Caesar salad. I would love a great big meatball pizza. Tasty for sure!!

  37. Dan

    Get him to the Greek…..salad….w/ pepperoni and basil pizza

  38. Sarah

    wine + pizza + good friends at grimaldi’s is ALWAYS a good idea!

  39. angela

    I’ve never been to New York so I need to get at least a slice of it from where I can!

  40. I love pizza. I especially love free pizza. Free Grimaldi’s pizza. Yeah. Sounds good.

  41. Brian

    Grimaldi’s is #1!

  42. Mo

    I have a friend from Chicago who thinks that’s the best pizza (he’s wrong). With $50 I could teach him what really good pizza is.

  43. Janice

    I wanna win, because I love to eat! 🙂

  44. jennifer

    Me + free pizza = happiness

  45. Pike

    While I love the Dallas Grimaldi’s, at this time, it is going to take $50 to get me through the DFW Connector project..

  46. Joey S

    Because I Fing love pizza. The only thing I like better is free Fing pizza. The only thing I like better than that is Grimaldi’s Fing pizza! I should win cause that would Fing rock.

  47. We won’t make you wait any longer. The winners are Jay Hoffman and Katiet838. As soon as I have a mailing address for each of you, we will send your cards immediately.

  48. But is not a real Italian pizza(

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