Shucking With Michael Martensen

by Steven Doyle

This weekend Brian Williams and Michael Martensen threw a party in the parking lot of The Establishment, their latest restaurant which opens in December 2012. The lot was packed full of people seeking out 14 varieties of oysters, Cane Rosso pizza, and a small variety of beer, champagne and oyster shooters using Aylesbury Duck Vodka.    

It was a beautiful day for the party and we spotted Martensen shucking oysters, sporting a huge grin. Martensen taught me how to shuck oysters and chatted about the new restaurant which will be open in three separate phases. The first phase will be a restaurant and the last phase will be a quasi-speak-easy.

Martensen said they rely on word of mouth to get their message out, and it must be working. Typically on a Friday night Cedars will do over 500 covers. That is good business. The new location is prime real estate, so it should be met with equal success.

Renovations are underway with Coevel Studio doing the finished out work.

Look for The Establishment to be a kicked up oyster bar featuring 15 varieties of the bivalves each day.



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