Boulevardier’s Bountiful Brunch

by Steven Doyle

Boulevardier has enjoyed its first successful quarter as the hot, new French bistro in Bishop Arts. It is the first of several such bistros that will be opening soon, and chef-owner Nathan Tate of Restaurant Ava fame is busily cranking out some fantastic plates of pretty and bountiful bistro fare. We have enjoyed the interesting oysters brought in each week, as well as the hearty plates of lamb’s neck and bouillabaisse. The ration of fantastic starters are refreshing and thoughtful.

We like and enjoy Boulevardier, and now they went and added a Sunday brunch that beckoned us this week. Now we know Tate has mastered the egg. 

There is nothing more simple and elegant as an egg. Every culinary student should be able to perfectly poach an egg before gaining entrance into their school of choice, but obviously this is not the case. Nothing is more disheartening at breakfast that a hard poached egg.

Alas, Chef Tate’s poached egg is silky and buttery, oozing out and life allowing the yolk to bath its plated components.

We started our brunch with a shared Petit Déjeuner, which can be as simple as a roll and a cup of coffee. Boulevardier offers an amazing croissant, which for a dollar upcharge can be chocolate or almond. The roll is served with a side of several house-made biscuits, jam and local honey. Staring down at the croissant it was obvious that is was procured from Village Baking Company, and this is a good thing. The buttery layers soothe.

Eggs Meurette (12.00)

The dishes soon began their parade to our table, starting with the oeufs en meurette which is basically eggs poached in red wine. This dish sends us back to a visit in New York’s Balthazar where these eggs are de rigueur for Sunday brunch. At Boulevardier the pair of perfectly poached eggs are served on a toasted baguette with roasted mushrooms, lardon and bone marrow along with the requisite red wine sauce.

Each dish we were served chanted its very own siren song. This is brunch perfection.

Legs and Eggs (12.00) Duck confit, duck eggs, Homestead grit cake, and huckleberries

Quiche (10.00) House-made bacon, spinach, caramelized onions, gruyere and parmesan cheese

French Toast made with cinnamon toast brittle, Grand Marnier, chantilly

Beef Tongue Hash (14.00) Pastrami cured beef tongue, peppadew peppers, cramelized onions, garlic confit, poached eggs, hollandaise

408 N Bishop Ave, Dallas
(214) 942-1828


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