R+D Kitchen Steps Up Their Menu

by Stefani Nguyen

R+D Kitchen continues to delight diners who are looking for fresh sushi and spin offs of American classics. After months of being blocked by construction, the restaurant is ready to show off new additions to its seasonal menu which will debut in a month.

“Sexier, younger, and healthier,” is how chef and manager Will Seals described the restaurant compared to its sister restaurant Hillstone, also located in the same shopping center. Notable additions like the salmon mango roll made with poached asparagus, fresh mango, and salmon, and then dressed with a Serrano pepper horseradish sauce, shows off the restaurant’s creativity by introducing non-traditional ingredients.      

Next, the kuri maki roll shined in taste and presentation. Everyone at our table took a moment to take in the delicately prepared seared salmon wrapped in paper thin cucumber flesh that according to manager and chef Will Seals was the most intricate part of preparing that dish. These rice-less rolls were placed on translucent lemon slices, giving off a light and citrusy flavor to the salmon. We all agreed that kuri maki would be a hit to health enthusiasts who are trying to limit their carb intake.

The best sushi dish, in my opinion, was something the executive sushi chef invented himself, the sashimi salad – artfully sliced yellowtail dressed with ponzu and garnished with fresh Serrano peppers and sea salt. It came with raw kale salad that looked almost like a slaw, tossed in a peanut dressing and crushed macadamia nuts. The sweetness of the salad and the savoriness of the fish was the most unexpected and exciting thing that happened that evening.

Just when I thought I’ve had good yellowtail, R & D throws me off completely with something different. It was a statement that sushi at R & D is anything but typical. It should not go without saying that R & D takes their vegetables as serious as their proteins. One diner mentioned she never had beets as good as the one in the Mediterranean salad and another diner mentioned she never learned to like Brussels sprouts until she had them at R & D.

The wild mushroom meatloaf will also make an appearance on the new menu. Seals explained that the meatloaf is spectacular because it’s made with ground beef, brisket, and pork. All of these meats together make one mean and moist meatloaf. The braised short ribs were cooked until fork tender and served with a little horseradish sauce and whipped sweet potatoes, caramelized Brussels sprouts, and cipollini onions.

The meal was complete with a slice of their famous 3-layered carrot cake which was so incredibly moist and fluffy. Seals said, “The secret is in the way the cream cheese is whipped. We also add mascarpone cheese.” This explains why the frosting was airy and light. The banana cream pie was also fantastic, if you wanted something cold. Which dessert was better? They were both pretty amazing.


Stefani is a student by day and renegade baker by night. She operates Stefani has a dessert catering business called Sugar Mama and also hosts her blog called Stef’s Gastronomy where she shares her recipes and culinary exploits.



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  1. mai

    awesome pictures and the desciptions made me salivate! I want to go to R+D!!

  2. Tran Nguyen

    After looking at the pictures and reading the descriptions of the food, I definitely want to try this restaurant soon! Great blog!

  3. Rachael Fallon

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  4. I was there the other night and its the same menu for the past 2 years..
    Needs a complete overhaul……

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