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Salum Begins New Winter Menu Today


With Winter fast approaching Chef Abraham Salum rolls out his December menu full of bold flavor, inspired by his travels around the world. Guests will enjoy classic dishes re-inspired with flavors of the winter season, such as Pan Seared Scallops with purple cabbage and bacon sauté and Home Made Pumpkin Ravioli with sautéed shrimp and sage brown butter.

With the new menu available throughout the month of December, Salum is the perfect spot to enjoy dining well with family and friends this holiday season.   Continue reading

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Chef Andrew Bell Does A Menu Reset At Bolsa

pink green garnishby Steven Doyle

Chef Andrew Bell has been with Bolsa for just over a year, and more recently took over the iconic Oak Cliff kitchen as executive chef. It wasn’t until just a few weeks ago that Bell re-engineered the menu to be largely his. The menu reads exciting, and translates extremely well to the plate. We went in last night to check out the new menu, and was blown away with the many changes. Bell has settled well into the Bolsa kitchen and says, “ I took the time to acclimate myself with the kitchen and the staff of the restaurant and patiently waited for spring ingredients to show up. We will continue to find the best ingredients from local farmers, treat them with respect and cook them for the customers that know and love Bolsa.”

Andrew Bell began his career in the restaurant industry during high school and since then has worked in some of the most respected kitchens in both Dallas and Austin, making his cuisine decidedly Texan.  From Wink and Uchi in Austin, to Parigi, Citizen, Mercury, Nosh Euro Bistro, Aurora and most recently The Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas, Bell says, “I have been waiting for an opportunity such as this for a long time and have tremendous respect for the restaurant, the partners, the staff and the philosophy they stand for as well as working with the local farmers– I feel at home here at Bolsa.”

From the tastes of the new menu it is obvious that Bell has captured the spirit and history of Bolsa, and plays well within this striking version of farm-to-table mentality that has been a proven asset for Bolsa.   Continue reading

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Chef Andrew Bell Intros New Menu At Bolsa

andrew-bellby Steven Doyle   photos by Elliott Munoz

I love a change of seasons. This almost always calls for new menus using seasonal ingredients, especially at a restaurant such as Bolsa located in Oak Cliff. This is the case today as chef Andrew Bell sends word that he has something new in mind for his diners.

After taking charge of the kitchen several months ago, chef Bell has created a menu that is finally his own.  Co-owner Chris Zielke explains, “We wanted Andrew to take his time on creating this new ‘core’ Bolsa menu and took the new spring season as a jumping off point to implement it.  The new menu is simply spectacular and these are some of the best dishes I have ever seen come out of our kitchen.”

Continue reading

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Driftwood’s Fall Menu Is No Fish Tale

driftwoodby Melissa Robert

The temperatures are dropping and coats are finally being donned in Dallas, which can only mean one thing, Fall menus are upon us. Lucky North Texas diners are seeing new plates surface at their favorite eateries across the Metroplex. I had the pleasure of sharing a meal with colleagues Tuesday night at Driftwood near the Bishop Arts area of Oak Cliff. If you didn’t know why they created the DLink bus before, the seafood cuisine at Driftwood will leave no doubt in your mind that they are a fixture in the destination dining landscape.

With right around fifty seats, the dining room is intimate, and even on a Tuesday evening the patrons are plentiful and energetic. The outdoor space accommodates an additional twenty guests and features a fireplace as well as a second side to the main bar which is fully exposed when the accordion-style glass is folded back. While at the bar, inside or out, order a cocktail off the Fall drink menu. Behind the bar, Michael will whip up a Holy Grail with fresh cranberries and chai that will quench your liquid holiday needs. Also, look for a new bar bites menu to be available in the next week or two.    Continue reading

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A Fall Menu To Be Thankful For: Dragonfly

by Melissa Robert

As November draws to a close we have heard the many beautiful and heartwarming things that our friends and family are thankful for. Personally, I’m thankful for an amazing fall menu. The particular Dallas restaurant that has given me this attitude of gratitude is none other than Dragonfly inside the Hotel ZaZa. The Fall 2012 menu, which was introduced approximately 2 weeks ago, is filled with flavorful and elegant dishes that we have come to expect from Executive Chef Dan Landsberg. Landsberg, who made a name for himself at Tillman’s Roadhouse and Stephan Pyles Restaurant, has been with Hotel ZaZa since February of last year.    Continue reading


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R+D Kitchen Steps Up Their Menu

by Stefani Nguyen

R+D Kitchen continues to delight diners who are looking for fresh sushi and spin offs of American classics. After months of being blocked by construction, the restaurant is ready to show off new additions to its seasonal menu which will debut in a month.

“Sexier, younger, and healthier,” is how chef and manager Will Seals described the restaurant compared to its sister restaurant Hillstone, also located in the same shopping center. Notable additions like the salmon mango roll made with poached asparagus, fresh mango, and salmon, and then dressed with a Serrano pepper horseradish sauce, shows off the restaurant’s creativity by introducing non-traditional ingredients.       Continue reading


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Private Social’s New Menu At A Glance

by Steven Doyle

Private Social’s Tiffany Derry is definitely the sweetheart of the rodeo; well, of the Dallas dining scene. Not sure if she takes kindly to rodeos. When she sent out a press release discussing her new, fresh menu I took pause. What’s the girl got up her sleeve?

The Social menu has been completely revamped to include several sharable plates in the price range of $4 to $15. Think grilled pizza with Black Mission figs, honey and arugula; elotes with mayo, chili powder, lime and Cotija cheese; chickpea fritters with coriander, mint, cilantro, chiles and yogurt sauce; and lamb meatballs with spicy marinara sauce, goat cheese and crusted bread.

Grilled pizza with Mission figs with arugula? Sign me up.    Continue reading

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