Ali Weighs In On Her Chicken Biscuit At Hypnotic

DSC04813by Ali Kay Hammer    photos by Steven Doyle

Editor’s Note: Earlier this month Ali married a beer. Just yesterday we announced that the young cheese monger had created a biscuit for Hypnotic Donuts using some fun, local ingredients. Today Ali sends word on how this all came about, and her thoughts on the process of creating the biscuit. The story was far too fun not to share with our audience, so find her words below. If you tried her biscuit and wish to offer comments, send her your cheers (or jeers) in comments. Having personally tasted the biscuit in question, I know you will all love this.

When James and Amy asked me to do a guest spot for January, they had no idea what they were getting in to, or maybe they did! I’m no chef, or cook, or any of that by any means. I’m simply an advocate for doing things that make you happy. For me, it’s easy. I like great food and I like to laugh, all of which I learned from my dad.

When I’m able to expose someone to the things I enjoy most and it brings a smile to their face, it makes everything I do worthwhile. Life is too short to not be ridiculous, and this biscuit is a reflection of just that. Go big or go home, I say! Let’s take it the extra mile, put MORE CHEESE on that; heck, throw some bacon on it too. 


Taking it back to why I created this particular biscuit… I think a sense of community is so important. None of us would be anywhere without the constant support of our friends and family in this community. And this biscuit encompasses some of my favorite things about this city. I spend my days trying to push the things I love on anyone who will listen. Obviously, Peticolas’ Velvet Hammer has had a huge impact on my life, I married a beer for goodness sake. Ridiculous! But let’s face it; Michael Peticolas brews a fine, husband material beer. That’s on him, ha! Hey Dallas, Michael gets it, he brews beer for us! That’s something I can believe in.

Next, there is the one and only Chef Randall Copeland. I will truly eat anything this man cooks. I know I’m not alone in this. Don’t even get me started on Randall’s biscuits. Although the Hypnotic biscuits are indeed different, they are in a whole new ballpark and are truly sublime. Randall’s bacon though, it’s what dreams are made of, mine at least.


Ok, so, we’ve got beer and bacon, what’s next… CHOCOLATE.  If you mention Dallas and chocolate in the same sentence, you are obviously referencing Dude, Sweet Chocolate produced by the wonderful Katherine Clapner. This woman truly embraces everything in her beliefs. In my mind she’s a pioneer and supporter of top notch Dallas ingredients, and you only have meet her once to understand that.

Now, let’s get down to what really gets me going (sorry, Velvet Hammer, ear muffs!). Nothing in my mind is ever complete without… you guessed it… cheese! Scardello Artisan Cheese and owner, Rich Rogers have forever changed my life. There’s a reason they say that cheese people are happy people, and Scardello is a true reflection of this. Just ask any of our staff. The particular cheese I chose for this biscuit is called Ewephoria. It’s all in the name.

This sheep’s milk Gouda made in Holland for the American palate is packed full of sweet, caramel flavors, and undeniably smooth. I could do naughty things to this cheese. I don’t think I’m alone in that. All that being said, James and Amy St. Peter, and their incredible donut shop, have been the perfect catalyst for this biscuit that encompasses everything I believe in: outstanding local ingredients, community, happiness, friends, and taking things WAY too far.


Hypnotic Donuts | 9007 Garland Road, Dallas | (214) 668-6999

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  1. Dan

    Can’t wait to try that chicken biscuit; every ingredient is awesome. Of course, passing on the Amy’s is never easy.

    Also, from the byline, I now understand why she married a beer (aside from the obvious hilarity). Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to add “Hammer” to the end of their name? Unless of course your other option was Temptress. Must have been a tough decision.

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