Brunching At Blue Plate

rathbunby Steven Doyle

Kent Rathbun never does anything half way, it is truly one of those ‘go big or go home’ moments when dining at any of the chef’s restaurants. This certainly holds true to Rathbun’s Blue Plate located in Dallas restaurant epicenter Preston Center located near Northwest Highway on Preston.

Just over a year ago Rathbun promoted Jennifer Newbold to command the kitchen at Blue Plate and she has been knocking out home runs each night. Each night during the week Newbold is plating up special dishes that has the neighborhood in a frenzy. Monday night’s enjoy BBQ which is actually a Rathbun family favorite that dates back to his childhood. The BBQ at Rathbun’s some of the city’s finest.      


Thursday Newbold throws down her own special pizzas to pair with half priced bottles of  Pinot Noir.

Without a doubt Sunday is our favorite day. That is when Newbold offers Sunday Brunch, the best meal of the week by far.

Vital Farm’s fresh eggs, Nueske’s Bacon, house-made sausage patties, pulled pork and so much more go into making these tricked up brunch items, saving us all from the average and boring. Our favorite by far is the Pigs in the Blanket, which actually resembles nothing like anything you have ever sampled by the same name. These are layers of ever-so-light pancakes with folds of freshly smoked pulled pork. If this is how the Rathbun’s ate as children, then I missed my calling as an adopted baby.


Any dish that is saddled next to Blue Plate’s version of hash browns is a happy plate. These tender yet crisp shreds of potato are laced with leeks and cheddar cheese. Rathbun told me that cheese shouldn’t merely melt in a dish, but also assume a crisped caramelized appeal for extra flavor. I agree.

The Sunday fried chicken is a direct rip of Kent’s grandmother Minnie’s recipe. This is a perfect example of fried chicken. The crispy crust that stays close to the meat that is moist and extremely tender. Grab the breast first, it is boneless and extra good.



I adore a Croque Madame at Blue Plate. The stacks of ham are generous, and it is far from an overly salted version you might find most anywhere else. Of course the sandwich is served with a sunny side up egg and a cheesy béchamel sauce. The bread is what is the kicker here.

burger rathbun

The burger is available for brunch but not on the menu. This is one of the better burgers in Dallas, where the chef uses both cuttings of tenderloin and brisket for a flavorful mouth-feel that is beyond expectation. The home-made bread and butter pickles are motivation enough to sample this burger.

Rathbun’s Blue Plate | 6130 Luther Lane | 214-890-1103


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  1. David Indorf

    Quit! It’s already hard enough to get a table here, and if critics keep singing its virtues, it’ll be impossible!

  2. Blue Plate hamburger is wood grilled over homemade sesame bun, homemade pickles, and fresh hand cut fries………..the perfect combination, this hamburger is divine.

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