Sunset Lounge In Full On Tiki Swing

DSC05217by Steven Doyle

The Sunset Lounge is now humming along at peak performance. We stopped in for a few cocktails during the grand opening Wednesday evening where everything was $3 making for a rather light bar tab even with a few food items thrown in for good measure. Sad you missed that deal? Fret not my fellow bar hound, everything is $3 during happy hour each day, so enjoy that if you will.

The cocktails are magnificent. Many are throw backs to your father’s generation where they sipped large and in charge cocktails that were stuffed with giant rasps of fruit and cute umbrellas. I love a good retro drink, and the zombie is well worth the order. Cautionary tale: you are only allowed two of these babies and they are deceivingly delicious and full of 151 proof rum.     


We mentioned food, and the kitchen is light. The food is delicious and they make a damned good taco. Look for several varieties with the menu scratched out on the mirrored wall ala Cedars Social. The ceviche is a fantastic rendition, and we also enjoyed munching on the fried plaintain chips, but please do something about the wretched ranch dressing. That dish is also served with a sweet and spicy sauce that makes this crunchy app well worth ordering.

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Get your tiki groove on while supplies last. While there you will see affable bartender/ GM Nico Ponce (he’s the character who brings you the Margarita Meltdown each year) carry his weight bussing tables, directing traffic and making killer cocktails behind the stick. For those Lucky Eddie fans, here is there a few nights a week. Look for Monday and Tuesday for sure.

See you there tonight.


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