Standard Pour Is Not Just For Incredible Cocktails

DSC04852by Steven Doyle

Standard Pour has fast become one of the best cocktail bars in the city of Dallas. Under the guidance of barman and general manager  Brian McCullough the McKinney Avenue hotspot attracts locals and industry people nightly. They are looking for well-crafted cocktails without the fuss that can be displayed at other bars. The steady hand of the bar staff is quite evident as they concoct every drink imaginable in split seconds, enabling the staff to move through lines of thirsty guests in a matter of minutes.

Pretty much everyone who reports on cocktails in Dallas agrees that Standard Pour is the standard pour, but there is more awaiting past that bright patina of libations. That is where the able bodied Chef  Peja Krstic steps up to the mound offering his version of genius bar fare. 


Since his start with Standard Pour ,which just opened in April of 2012, Peja has become the corporate chef for the entire brand which includes the ever popular Sfuzzi located just a few city blocks down the road. During the opening Peja spoke with us and said he had interest in the molecular arts, and there were some dishes that reflected that desire. Since that time the chef has abandoned the fancier dishes for more homey fare; things a bit more familiar but with his special touch.


These dishes include ample supplies of Philly Cheesesteaks, Fried Chicken and a damned good burger. There are plenty of light dishes that define the gastropub, but there are also heartier offerings that will satisfy the need for a substantial meal. The Ahi Tuna Sausage continues to be a favorite.

We went out a few weekends ago to check up on the fare and found each dish we sampled to be ridiculously secure and well thought out.  If this was a state of the union address, one year later it would be safe to say that all is well at Standard Pour.


Lobster Dip with corn, artichoke, lobster and cheese, set ablaze table-side


Cheese and Charcuterie Board by Scardello


Lamb Ravioli with braised lamb, olives, asparagus, and mint butter


Atlantic Salmon served with ratatouille and a mint buerre blanc



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3 responses to “Standard Pour Is Not Just For Incredible Cocktails

  1. jonfromtjs

    not only that, but run by the nicest guys…they were all in TJ’s the other night and were a pleasure.

  2. Rob

    I absolutely love that place, especially the live band on Wednesday nights!!!

  3. Sam

    This place has brunch all weekend too – It’s sooo good!!!

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