YourWay Burgers And Wings

yourwayby Steven Doyle

YourWay is located in Farmers Branch on Midway and LBJ and serves up some pretty special burgers. As the name implies, you are able to customize your burger just about any way you please. And we did just that.  

The burger choices will please most anyone, from veggie, tuna and beef. With the beef you are able to mix in ingredients to flavor up your burger patty. These choices go from onion to jalapeno, and there is even a mushroom option. The jalapeno was our choice, and the patty was formed with a good amount of fresh jalapenos for a little fire with each bite. The burger itself is chargrilled for even more kicked up flavor.


There is a fair amount of bun choices to further the YourWay mantra. White and wheat are certainly mainstays on most burger menus, but there are a few more options, including sourdough (not much sourdough flavor so best to avoid) to a lettuce wrap. We might have selected the jalapeno bread, but we were already loaded up with the beefy jalapeno option.

You are not limited to the Kraft slices here as there are real cheese choices such as a thick slice of cheddar and even blue cheese, which can really make a burger stand out.


To finish of the burger you are able to graze through a salad bar for all the necessary veggies. There are also plenty of sauces to splatter.

The sides are standard fare; some of the items come in frozen, so bets stick with the house-made choices such as the freshly battered onion rings. These are thin slice of onion dipped and fried to order. The wings are also made in house to order, so be prepared for a bit of a wait during peak hours, but they are worth the extra time. These are the batter-free variety, and on the large side of the scale.

Check out the YourWay on Midway, or check out the Keller location.


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