Back Away From The Tex-Mex At Lazaranda

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I’ve stated before that Texans like their Tex-Mex two ways, orange & brown. We will eat a slab of beef for breakfast and wrap anything in a tortilla and call it a meal. However, this leads to some problems when you are a bona fide Mexican restaurant and want to serve… seafood.

People get confused, agitated. “Where are the fajitas?” “I don’t understand why this rice is white.” “Can you fry this?” 


Lazaranda in Addison serves fantastic seafood and yes, beef and pork, with the Mexican flavors and piquancy we crave.


The restaurant is based in Monterrey, Mexico and ventured into Addison in 2011 with great reviews. Chef Antonio Márquez enjoys working with different flavors and textures to create something comforting like the delightful Lobster Pirata – a toasted flour tortilla filled with sautéed lobster and chile de arbol oil.  Business partner Mario Letayf explained that they are all about service and if you need something you can’t find on the menu, the kitchen will make it happen.

The desserts are quite enjoyable with the simple grilled corn cake, cajeta and strawberries being a favorite. Not too sweet and perfect after a rich meal.


Lazaranda is not in my backyard, to say the least, yet I would recommend you break north and head to Addison.  The atmosphere is laid-back yet sophisticated and the service is friendly. The food is definitely worth the 635 flustercluck and anyway, you can unjangle your nerves with a spicy Vampiro cocktail. Win.

Lazaranda | 5000 Blet Line Rd, Addison | 972.866.8900

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