A Fancy Waygu Burger Makes It Into Kenny’s UnFancy Burger Joint

kenburgby Steven Doyle

Kenny Bower’s Frisco burger joint, aptly named Kenny’s Burger Joint, is not about the fancy. You won’t find any foie gras (snap!) but you will find some very good burgers, ribs and one bad ass Philly Cheesteak called the Steak Bomb.

With an homage to the Chris Rock scene in I’m Ginna Git You Sucka, where Rock orders a single rib, Bowers sells one rib for a dollar on Sunday nights. This would make Rock proud, but I seriously doubt that Bowers will sell a handful of soda for a dime.   

To class up the Burger Joint Kenny now offers a Waygu Kobe Beef Burger – this one is topped with basil pesto mayo, baby spinach and oven roasted tomatoes – although he’ll prepare it any way you like. This super-sized, super-tender burger is selling for $12.99.

Bowers has also added a Mediterranean Turkey Burger, with raspberry chipotle dressing, goat cheese, baby spinach and tomato. Top it all off with an order of white truffle Parmesan fries, and you’re done. That is, unless you want to end with one of the Burger Joint’s legendary adult milkshakes.

I still want to go in and try to buy a handful of soda.


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