Chef Uno Pop-Up Dinner Set For May 3

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As Uno Immanivong prepares to open her new restaurant Chino in the Trinity Groves area of Dallas, she is busy bouncing from a variety of events across the United States. The former contestant on the ABC cheffy program The Taste is in hot demand.  On May 3 Uno will be in Dallas to serve up the second pop-up dinner in Dallas giving us a glimpse of what her cooking style is all about. This is also an opportunity for the curious to experience a foreshadowing of Chino.    

The dinner will actually have two servings at a cost of $49.97per person which includes wine pairings. The venue is also in Trinity Groves at the new 3015 cooking school which we have also been talking about recently. Go to this website to reserve your seat.

Here is a list of what you can expect (the coconut ice cream cone with the mole ganache sounds wonderful):

5 Courses, 5 Distinct Wine Pairing and One Chef Uno

Larb Gai Amuse Bouche — The spoon that landed our chef on Bourdain’s team… seasoned and minced chicken ‘everything’ topped with a kaffir dusted chicharron

Butter Poached Lobster Springroll — Sweet lobster nestled with crispy jicama, carrots, haricot vert and mango srirachi dressing

Pho-Zole — Rich pho broth with tender braised oxtail and hominy. Served with all the usual accoutrements and our homemade srirachi

Surf and Turf — Lemongrass grilled flank steak topped with sweet crab and coconut milk reduction and a side of bok choy mashed potatoes

Coconut Ice Cream Cones — Mole ganache, pistachio brittle, coconut ice cream all in a sugar cone


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