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LUCK To Host Pop-Up Dinner At Bob’s July 14

DSC07164by Steven Doyle

As we continue to follow the various restaurants that will be opening in Trinity Groves we notice a trend for at least a few of the new restaurateurs to host a pop-up dinner. These special dinners give the owners some real life ideas as to which menu items their prospective clientele will enjoy. LUCK has been hosting such a dinner each month since their restaurant announcement, and most likely will continue through their August opening.  Continue reading

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More Midnight Ramen At Ten Bells Tavern This Saturday

ramen1by Steven Doyle

Justin Holt’s last night at Lucia is this Saturday. After that you can find the up-and-coming chef cooking alongside his new boss and execu-chef, Omar Flores at Driftwood. You may recall the Holt name from his delightful pop-up ramen nights at a few Oak Cliff bars. The young chef would spend a week conjuring up killer ramen, which happens to be one of the hot new trends in dining, serving it up in cute Styrofoam cups for a mere five bucks.

Soon after Holt announced he was making his move to the seafood-centric restaurant Driftwood, he made comments about giving up on his ramenriffic dreams. Well, this is simply not true. When we caught wind of the new ramen night, which will be held at Ten Bells Tavern in the Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff, we checked in on Holt. “I’ve got a game plan that should keep me on the road to ramageddon I’m going to stick with it,” said the chef.    Continue reading


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Chino Pop-Up Recap and Slideshow

uno4by Steven Doyle       photos by James Gates

Last weekend we were invited to stop in and enjoy the festivities at 3015 in Trinity Groves where chef Uno Immanivong and her cocktailing biz partner Adrian Verdin hosted an evening that previewed and highlighted the menu from Chino Chinatown, their Asian-Latin fusion restaurant that should be rolling out in August 2013.

Guests were delighted by the marvelous service, and colorful and flavor-packed dishes prepared by Uno and her pop-up staff. The beautiful “pho”zole was single handedly an enormous hit, and how could she miss with her bone marrow broth, braised oxtail and hominy for a true fusion win. The flavors meld together so wonderfully.  Continue reading

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Thanh Nguyen From Oishii Hosts A Very Extreme Pop Up Dinner At Zen In Deep Ellum

zenby Steven Doyle

This Friday and Saturday, April 12-13, 2013, the chef and proprietor of Oishii will be hosting a special eight course dinner on the premises of Zen Bistro and Dessert Bar in Deep Ellum. Thanh Nguyen will be offering some extreme and Zen dishes. The seventh course will be provided by the Zen girls who will offer up a special dessert.

The dinner is only $50 and reservations are very limited. If you need an Oishii fix email Chonnie directly at

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Chef Uno Pop-Up Dinner Set For May 3

unoby Steven Doyle

As Uno Immanivong prepares to open her new restaurant Chino in the Trinity Groves area of Dallas, she is busy bouncing from a variety of events across the United States. The former contestant on the ABC cheffy program The Taste is in hot demand.  On May 3 Uno will be in Dallas to serve up the second pop-up dinner in Dallas giving us a glimpse of what her cooking style is all about. This is also an opportunity for the curious to experience a foreshadowing of Chino.     Continue reading


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A Foreshadowing Of Trinity Grove’s Chino

unoby Steven Doyle

Last week we chatted up the delightful Uno Immanivong who will be opening up Chino in the Trinity Groves area of Dallas along with her spirited partner Adrian Verdin. Uno is also appearing on the new Bourdain television reality cooking program, The Taste. This past weekend we were able to gain a bit of insight into Chino, and was pleasantly surprised by what she served Saturday evening.

The pop-up dinner was held in the comfortable digs at Four Corners Brewing Company, also in Trinity Groves. I had the pleasure to dine with Four Corners owner Greg Leftwich, who is also a huge fan of Uno’s work.     Continue reading


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Chef Ryan Barnett Does Trinity Groves

DSC00097by Steven Doyle

More attention is being heaped on the Trinity Groves area of West Dallas, you know, the future culinary playground on the west side of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. Today Chef Ryan Barnett announced he will be doing one of his signature pop-up dinners at 3015, the first venue to open at Trinity Groves. The pop-up is planned for December 17, 2012 starting at 7:30pm.

Barnett has a passion for French cuisine and has mentioned that he would like to open his own restaurant in Trinity Groves. We will continue to follow the progress there, but for now it is a pop-up bistro he calls Marche.    Continue reading

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