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Chino Pop-Up Recap and Slideshow

uno4by Steven Doyle       photos by James Gates

Last weekend we were invited to stop in and enjoy the festivities at 3015 in Trinity Groves where chef Uno Immanivong and her cocktailing biz partner Adrian Verdin hosted an evening that previewed and highlighted the menu from Chino Chinatown, their Asian-Latin fusion restaurant that should be rolling out in August 2013.

Guests were delighted by the marvelous service, and colorful and flavor-packed dishes prepared by Uno and her pop-up staff. The beautiful “pho”zole was single handedly an enormous hit, and how could she miss with her bone marrow broth, braised oxtail and hominy for a true fusion win. The flavors meld together so wonderfully.  Continue reading

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Chef Uno Pop-Up Dinner Set For May 3

unoby Steven Doyle

As Uno Immanivong prepares to open her new restaurant Chino in the Trinity Groves area of Dallas, she is busy bouncing from a variety of events across the United States. The former contestant on the ABC cheffy program The Taste is in hot demand.  On May 3 Uno will be in Dallas to serve up the second pop-up dinner in Dallas giving us a glimpse of what her cooking style is all about. This is also an opportunity for the curious to experience a foreshadowing of Chino.     Continue reading


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craveRADIO For March 25, 2013

trio2by Steven Doyle             photos by Thomas Garza

Yesterday proved that all the months of planning craveRADIO was well worthwhile. The two hour broadcast on 1190 AM went by extremely fast. When we completed our inaugural program there were still many callers left hanging, and one very special guest we were not able to speak with. Overall we deemed the first show success, but that is certainly for the public to determine.

Click this link to listen to the replay podcast Crave Radio 3-24-13

Our first show was centered around the new Trinity Groves project in West Dallas. We tapped a fantastic source of information and invited Mark Brezinzki to the studios. Mark has a keen insight into restaurants, and for phase one of Trinity Groves he is on the selection committee and develops the new concept along side Phil Romano.  Continue reading

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Trinity Groves Savor Tonight And We Have A Sneak Peek At One Of the Dishes

DSC06437by Steven Doyle

Tonight marks the first Savor Dallas event in the new Trinity Groves area of Dallas. This is the new culinary destination just west of the newish Margaret Hunt Hill bridge. Look for the event to take place in 3015, the event center and cooking school owned by chef Sharon Van Meter. This particular leg of Savor Dallas will feature many of the up and coming chefs to occupy one of the many spaces in Trinity Groves and benefits Hunger Busters, an organization that feeds at risk children.   Continue reading

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A Foreshadowing Of Trinity Grove’s Chino

unoby Steven Doyle

Last week we chatted up the delightful Uno Immanivong who will be opening up Chino in the Trinity Groves area of Dallas along with her spirited partner Adrian Verdin. Uno is also appearing on the new Bourdain television reality cooking program, The Taste. This past weekend we were able to gain a bit of insight into Chino, and was pleasantly surprised by what she served Saturday evening.

The pop-up dinner was held in the comfortable digs at Four Corners Brewing Company, also in Trinity Groves. I had the pleasure to dine with Four Corners owner Greg Leftwich, who is also a huge fan of Uno’s work.     Continue reading


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Meet Uno Immanivong From The Taste And Soon To Open Chino

DSC05484by Steven Doyle

Hanging out in Trinity Groves for an afternoon you meet all sorts of interesting foodie people. Yesterday, while hunting and gathering information from Phil Romano we ran across the very delightful Uno Immanivong who is currently involved in the latest television cheffy game show called The Taste. The program which airs on ABC involves four celebrity chefs who mentor four team members selected from blind tastings. Our local girl Uno was selected to be on Anthony Bourdain’s team, and continues to compete each Tuesday evening.   Continue reading


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