Ten Bell’s Wings Gets National Shout Out

ten bellsby Steven Doyle

The Robb Report is a luxury lifestyle magazine that reports on ultra-exclusive timepieces, yachts, hidden destinations to the stars and on occasion haught gastronomy. The latter is something we could definitely wrap our minds around (and bellies). Well, we do enjoy the finer Swiss watches as well, but our dining habits take up the bulk of our expendable income. Last week we caught wind that a local restaurant is featured in the latest issue. It is a spot we recommended many times, so we are in good company.    

Remember when we extoled the virtue of the chicken wings at Ten Bells? Well, we hate to say we told you so, but Robb agrees as well. The very best. In addition to a nice nod to Ten Bells, they also loved on the new tavern downtown called Union Park.

We like the parking situation better in Bishop Arts, so we will continue to grab out wings there. But it is still pretty nifty they gave Dallas a double shout out. Now you have to try these wings.


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  1. Congrats to Meri and the gang at Ten Bells!

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