King (Or Queen) Of The Underground Dinners Crowned Tonight

dinnerby Steven Doyle

The trend for underground dinners continues to sizzle across the country. These are for people looking for a unique and intimate dining experience where they might interact with the chef, and meet interesting people with similar interests. There are two mainstays in the local undergrounds, mainly Chef Nicole and Chef DAT. You have heard these names many times on craveDFW as I have attended a handful of each of their dinners in the past.       

The banter between the two chefs has risen to a froth in who is king (or queen) of the underground. At first glance this sounds like a plot to a Batman movie, but instead it is a very serious throw down between two rock solid talents in the Dallas area.

Enter the hipster (DAT) and the hippie (Nicole). Nicole has a refined touch and a heavy bent of local, sourcing her ingredients at various farms and ranches in very close proximity to her secret kitchen. DAT is worldly and snags a style reminiscent of a true Cajun; not in flavor as much as flair. DAT uses local sources as well, keeping it fresh and in the family.



It will be interesting to see who is voted tops tonight, and your voice can be heard at this very exclusive dining experience. Make your reservations and come with your eating pants because this will be a night to remember. A small group of guests will be treated to 5 courses from each of the chefs. The night begins with an amuse of cocktails, but this is a BYOB event. Come prepared to pair with most anything.

I was curious as to what might be prepared tonight and spoke with Nicole last evening. She said she would know when she found the right ingredients. She is shopping the farms as this is written. I am sure the same goes for the DATster.

The $75 entry fee includes complimentary cocktails, live music, a DJ, and the feast of 5×2 courses prepared by both competing chefs. To gain entry email or Have your payment information on the ready with any dietary restrictions.


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