Houston’s Trentino Creates Gelato With Local Flavor

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Marcelo Kreindel, owner of Trentino Gelato, thinks about chocolate in a different way than most. Trentino is the Houston based gelato concern that is shaking the foundations of our beliefs in not only gelato but chocolate as well. Kreindal has collaborated with a bean-to-bar chocolate company called Tejas Chocolate which is located in Spring, Texas to bring the more exotic chocolate using single sourced beans from Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, Madagascar and Mexico.

Each of these beans plume with their unique flavor characteristics juked up by the percentage of cocoa mass in the chocolate. The higher percentage chocolate weighs in heavy on flavor and intensity.

Trentino uses only organic milk sourced locally from Way Back When Dairy and pasteurizes in house using their custom recipes for an intense chocolate experience not usually found in a gelato.

More recently Trentino has reached out to local chefs in yet another collaboration.  You will recognize chefs such as Matt McCallister of FT33, Sarah Green from Oak, underground Chef DAT, and even barman Lucky Campbell to create another ration of unique and hyper-local flavors marketed in the Dallas area.

Know Sarah Green from her masterpiece pastries at Oak, and she offers Sweet Corn Caramel gelato recipe to Trentino. Whereas DAT submits his Black Garlic Pistachio. Barman Lucky has his own unique blend of flavorings in the Coconut Mocha gelato and McCallister, his famous Caramel Buttered Popcorn recipe.

Find these flavors at local Central Market locations across the Metroplex.

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