The Great Copper River Salmon Race Of 2013

copperriverby Andrew Chalk

The battle of the Copper River Salmon has been crazy in Dallas. With the announcement from Matt McCallister (FT33) and Scott Romano (Nick and Sam’s) taking to the waters of Cordova, Alaska to procure their very own specimens. John Tesar (Spoon Bar and Kitchen) quickly lashed out that he was expecting his own shipment well before the chefs dipped their poles into the water.

The fish story continues. We just heard from the Whiskey Cake peeps that “Michael”, one of the fishermen from Northwest Fish Traders, braved the bad Alaskan weather and found some great wild salmon! The first shipment will arrive at Whiskey Cake this weekend and swim across the menu starting Monday afternoon.



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  2. Thanks for the mention! It is an exciting time of year!
    To see pictures of Michael and Nelly, their boat the F/V Sprite, and for more info visit us at :
    -Austin from Northwest Fish Traders

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