Friday’s Five Fabulous Food Finds

Marilyn-eats-a-burgerby Steven Doyle

Friday’s Five Fabulous Food Finds Takes a look back at several dishes we sampled in the past few weeks that are incredible. These might have been part of another story we did recently, or perhaps one coming up. Either way, it is a delicious way to start our weekend.          


Our first selection is partially sentimental as the pastry chef at Oak ends her tenure tomorrow night and prepares for her move to Los Angeles to begin a new career. We will miss Chef Sarah Green, and her leaving Dallas is a tremendous loss for our city. Check out her Roasted Banana Panna Cotta with a toasted marshmallow whoopie pie, gianduja ice cream, caramel, candied kumquat, and toasted hazelnuts.

Mussels Escabeche

Omar Flores at Driftwood has a gilded hand when it comes to seafood, and we look forward to what he will be doing with tapas in Trinity Groves come this Fall. Until then, enjoy his Mussels Escabeche.

katy trail

With all the barbecue talk being floated around these days, we certainly are always on the look out for a version that is delicious without all the noise of long lines or inflated egos that deter from a tasty rib, or slice of brisket. We happen to like nice scenery when it comes to our ‘cue, so we checked out the Katy Trail Ice House and found some terrific meat being smoked on weekends only.  Now you know.


Who doesn’t love a good hearty and economical biryani, especially when one bowl can feed a family of six rather easily? Chameli has been a long time favorite (just read their website for further proof of this), and we had a chance to enjoy the dish just recently on a trip to Richardson. The rice was packed with flavor and choice ingredients such as chicken and mutton makes this a very special meal.


Burgers never go out of fashion on our menu, and we certainly enjoy the Austin transplant Hopdoddy Burger Bar. The long lines on the weekends means you probably like them as well. Next time try this Ahi Tuna Burger. It comes with a nori crisp. Simply add avocado and you have a burger that tastes like a California roll. If Sarah Green knew this she might not have decided to move away.


BONUS: We love Dude, Sweet Chocolate and probably visit at least once a week to stock up on such lovely \\ies as the Albatross (Blue Cheese, Sea Slat and Dark Chocolate Fudge), but it is going to be a scorcher out this weekend. So stop by and grab a few of these old fashion push up pops fill with house-made ice cream flavored with very unusual and tempting ingredients such as Lemon Buttermilk, Chocolate Bacon,  Banana Whopper or even Foie Gras with Cocoa Nib. There are usually a many flavors to choose from, all delicious. Thank us later if you feel so inclined.  There are three locations to serve you including Bishop Arts, Preston Center and Fort Worth.



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