The International Wine And Food Society Dallas Chapter

IW&FS 2by Joey Stewart

The gastronomic organization known as the International Wine & Food Society has recently started a Dallas chapter, so now is your chance to be a part of the oldest and largest epicurean association in the world. Boasting over 6,000 members in 30 countries – 4,200 in 80 branches in the Americas alone – the group promotes the knowledge and understanding of wine and food, excellence and education.    

The local chapter began in late 2012 and has already hosted a variety of events ranging from casual tastings to food and wine pairings at The Grape and Charlie Palmer. As the Metroplex has many of the best restaurants and chefs in the country, as well as a plethora of diners who appreciate great food and wine, it makes sense to seize the opportunity and become part of this gourmet group that has been thriving for 80 years now. Not only for dining and tasting, the IW&FS offers a way to meet like-minded people locally and around the world, all sharing their culinary experiences along the way.


For more information on membership and how to be a part of future events, email the Dallas chapter directly at You can also visit the worldwide website.


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