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zubarby Steven Doyle

Zubar was unable to negotiate a long term lease and has since been asked to vacate the premises at their 2012 Greenville Avenue location. We caught a heart-felt message from the owner, Stephen Tenney who explains all the details below:  

Note the last week’s schedule of events:

Thursday  Zubar will honor their musical roots with a techno party headlined by Wanz Dover, DJ G & Herman Glaspie in the front room and a house music party with Zander & Johnny K in the back room.

Friday  Will be an epic event fronted by the Shakedown & Love Rich crews, which will entail a total of 18 DJ’s… 9 in each room.  Show starts early at 7pm.

Saturday  Final one night on Greenville Ave. will be bittersweet indeed.  That said, it is only fitting that on the last Saturday will bring the epic combination of Faded DeeJays and DJ Love.  These folks represent the very best in entertainment and have been providing the customers of Zubar amazing nights for years and years.  Show starts early at 7pm.

Join Zubar Sunday evening for the last last call with Joe Castillo, Nero, Phooka, half price drinks and more.

Please be advised that today we were informed by our landlord Andres Properties that we are to vacate the premises at 2012 Greenville Avenue by July 31st, 2013. Unfortunately, we could not agree on a long term lease with our landlord, as we did not share the same collective vision for the future.

Therefore, it is with extremely heavy heart that I must tell all of our friends / patrons that our more than 18 year run on as “the destination” on Lowest Greenville will sadly come to an abrupt and unfortunate end this month.

As the owner of Zubar for the past 2.5 years, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with one of the most amazing teams in this business. Rarely, have I ever experienced such dedication and passion as I have with the staff we have at Zubar. Simply put…they are the very best!!!

Further, I have long said that the single biggest joy I have experienced as the owner of Zubar, has been to meet and become friends with so many of the people that have supported us through their patronage. To all of you who have blessed us with your presence, we simply cannot thank you enough, as you have both fueled and inspired us. For that, I offer you my sincerest thanks.

In all, today is easily one of the saddest days that I have experienced both personally & professionally. While there have certainly been challenges to owning Zubar over the last few years, we were all keenly interested in what positive things lie ahead for the Greenville area and only recently were we beginning to see the fruits of our labor. To see that end so quickly, is indeed devastating.

In all, we have worked extremely hard to earn your business and it has been a distinct pleasure to do so every step of the way. What the future entails for Zubar is not yet known, especially given the extreme newness of these developments.

Having said that, I would ask that over our final days of operation on Greenville Avenue that you come in one last time to say hello to the staff, have a drink and honor the institution that is Zubar. We’ve been doing our level best to serve you all for more than 18 years and we would love an opportunity to do so again one last time.


Stephen Tenney

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  1. Dallas’ retail landlords are vicious, greedy bastards! I know firsthand.

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