A Visit To Nick And Sam’s Grill

DSC08932by Steven Doyle

Looking for a quick bite this weekend I found myself in Nick and Sam’s Grill on Preston. I am a huge fan of the Nick and Sam’s Steak House on Maple, but in the past had found the Grill a bit lacking. Chef Scott Romano was brought in recently to spruce up the brand a bit, and that he has done.

Along with his crew of executive chefs Romano has elevated the Grill menus to something pretty special. I am still not a fan of the flatbread found on the Uptown menu as it is more a fat pizza than what you might traditionally call flatbread. But that being said, what I found on Preston this past weekend was endearing.  


The restaurant was under the guidance of executive sous chef Cody Sharp, who has worked under some of the city’s better chefs. He spent a large amount of time working with the late Randall Copeland at Restaurant Ava, and since went on to work with Matt McCallister, Jon Stevens, and even had his hand at Charlie Palmers where many chefs were harvested by Romano.

This day I found a beautiful redfish perched atop a smattering of jambalaya, a crazy good salad made of crab and fresh-from-the-garden veggies, and I had my way with some sushi rolls. Simply delicious.



There are plenty more Grills coming our way, including Southlake, where everything seems to end up sooner or later. Hey, they like to eat there, too.

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