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A Few Of Our Favorite Eggs In Dallas

eggby Steven Doyle

There has been this terrific trend in past years of adding an egg to most anything to make a more supple and delicious. The burger is a prime target for this unabashed egging, and always a welcome garnish on any style of tartare. The egg, if prepared correctly, provides a silky self-saucing thrill that ups the ante to sandwiches, pasta and salads. Eggs are not just for breakfast.

Today we explore a handful of primo examples of how the egg has enhanced many dishes in the Dallas area.    Continue reading

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Texas Whiskey Tasting Is Just One Week After Turkey Day

lookby Andrew Chalk

Have you noticed that not just wineries have been multiplying in this state – distillers have too. Among them, whiskey makers. Look Cinema (the Addison cinema that shows movies to to the chomping backbeat of patrons eating food from Nick and Sam’s Grill) has come up with a good idea. On December 5th from 6pm-8pm they are holding a walk around tasting in their Loft (at the cinema) of Texas whiskies from these producers:   Continue reading


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A Visit To Nick And Sam’s Grill

DSC08932by Steven Doyle

Looking for a quick bite this weekend I found myself in Nick and Sam’s Grill on Preston. I am a huge fan of the Nick and Sam’s Steak House on Maple, but in the past had found the Grill a bit lacking. Chef Scott Romano was brought in recently to spruce up the brand a bit, and that he has done.

Along with his crew of executive chefs Romano has elevated the Grill menus to something pretty special. I am still not a fan of the flatbread found on the Uptown menu as it is more a fat pizza than what you might traditionally call flatbread. But that being said, what I found on Preston this past weekend was endearing.   Continue reading

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Look at Look in Addison

Look Exteriorby Andrew Chalk

Congratulations to Nick and Sam’s Grill for saving the destitute northeast corner of Prestonwood Blvd. and Belt Line from urban decay. I used to get taken past the sorry edifice of the former cinema here every Sunday morning by my dog. I saw it reduced to a pile of rubble. Now it is restored to a glory that its predecessor never saw, even in its heyday.    Continue reading

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