Beer Me: Deep Ellum Brewing Company

deep ellum brew1by Brian Wall

It’s not often that a brewery opens with little fanfare. This might be because of our love of beer or may be because of the flavors blending together from the genius mind of the brewer. When you hear about this new brewery, your heart flutters slightly, your pupils may dilate and your mouth may water in the anticipation of finding where this beer. If you’re lucky, the beer happens to surface at your local watering hole or maybe the restaurant you got dragged to friends or a significant other. When the brewery bottles or cans its beer, you search everywhere for its location.

The only downside to all this is that the full beer experience will be limited. What if you were able to sip the golden nectar from its birthplace? Sniff the grains that offered their sugars, touch the tanks that coaxed those sugars out and met the people responsible for imparting this little taste nirvana upon you? It might be time for a local brewery tour if this sounds exciting.  

There is a nice selection of breweries in the Metroplex and each one offers its own special experience. One that has exploded in its offerings is Deep Ellum Brewing Company located in the Deep Ellum area of Dallas.

It’s been almost two years since Deep Ellum Brewing Company started brewing and they do not fail to impress.  Their signature beer is the Deep Ellum IPA. A very nice and flavor IPA that has an incredible hoppy flavor of pine and citrus. The scent offers exactly what a hophead enjoys- strong pungent hop with some maltiness on the backside.  Color is slightly cloudy and maintains a nice foam head that does not overwhelm. This beer does lose some when drank from the can but still maintains enough presence that not drinking it at the brewery can be accepted if picking up a six pack of cans.

To truly enjoy their beers, it would be advised to grab some friends and head down to a tour. Brewery tours are offered on Saturdays from 12pm-3pm and Thursdays from 6:30-8:30. If you don’t prefer crowds, try the Thursday tour. The outdoor beer garden is quite comfortable and relaxed but has limited seating. A variety of live music is offered at every tour.

The brewery tour will cost you $10 and grants you a brewery glass (special events allow for special logos or themes), three samples of beers on tap and a tour of how the beer is made. For food, there will be a food truck or two on site although the Deep Ellum area does offer great food and music after the tour if you are interested.

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