Big Tips Texas Coming At You From MTV

redneck1by Steven Doyle

I am not one for reality TV. In fact I have a huge disdain for the genre, but it is something that seems to attract Hollywood to our part of the world. Dallas seems to be the epicenter of reality TV, and there is a new one that some may actually enjoy. That is if you fancy phony Texas drawls and life-sized pillow fights with girls in cowboy boots and Daisy Dukes.  This sounds infinitely more interesting than bogus wealthy women cat fighting. 

MTV has ordered up more episodes of Big Tips Texas and it surrounds the gals out at Redneck Heaven in Lewisville (they also have locations in Fort Worth and Arlington).  This is something pretty outrageous, and if you enjoy the breastaurant concepts you will certainly want to check out Redneck Heaven with their kicked up fare and lithe talking ladies who wear those boots and very little else. You will remember Redneck heaven from their little nudity stunt blasted out all over the news just over a month ago.

Check out the sneak peek for the program, and don’t think we didn’t get the little pun with the name of the program.


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