Ten Bells Tavern Midnight Food Binge Continues With The Banh Mi

sharpby Steven Doyle

Midnight’s at Ten Bells Tavern in Bishop Arts is becoming the fashionable place to dine. This is where a list of chefs have occasionally lined up to take over the kitchen and feed the hungry masses with what is sometimes an experiment to gauge interest, as in the many ramen nights with Justin Holt, or simply to have fun doing what they do best, as in the case of chef April Barney who recently had her turn at the midnight shift at Ten Bells with her version of chicken and waffles.

I just heard from local chef Cody Sharp and he said it is time he made his favorite sandwich, the Banh Mi. 

Let’s play connect the dots. Chef Sharp worked with Ten Bells co-owner Meri Dahlke at Dude, Sweet Chocolate for Katherine Clapner when she first opened her Bishop Arts chocolate shop. The two have since gone their separate ways and haven’t really seen each other since but remained friends.


As far as the Banh Mi as a choice for the midnight menu choice Sharp said, “it is just a love for Banh Mi. As simple as it is I think it’s a very chef driven sandwich. I eat them often and I don’t think there’s enough really good ones in Dallas.”

But is that motivation enough to sling a few hundred sandwiches at midnight after working a long shift in his own kitchen? To this Sharp said, “I like feeding all my friends in the service industry. We all work late and long hours and it’s nice to be able to grab a tasty bite, a beer, and take party in the camaraderie after work.”

You can be assured this Banh Mi will be the best you have sampled in Dallas, and will be made two ways. Vegetarians, you will like this one. Midnight diners will get their choice of pork cheek Banh Mi or “Chinese BBQ” mushroom Banh Mi (vegetarian). Both are traditionally dressed with pickled daikon radish, carrot, cilantro, shaved jalapeño, sriracha mayo). The sandwich comes with a side of togorashi sweet potato fries.

All this can be yours Saturday night, September 28 at midnight for $7 at Ten Bells Tavern located at 232 West 7th in Oak Cliff.

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