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Best Chef Burgers in Dallas

636252201438108226289887905_Burger_Girl3.jpgby Steven Doyle

Dallas  has no shortage of the delicacy that is a burger.  What makes a perfect burger is the flavor of the beef, and freshness of the bun, and toppings. A burger should develop a nice sear to trap all the juices inside. Pressing a burger releases all of its flavor and makes the burger dry and ends up crumbling. The toppings are just as important as the cooking process. Using fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and onions help bring a crisp texture and flavor depth that makes your burger scream fresh.

To add more depth a spread or sauce needs to compliment the other toppings without making the burger too messy or all you have is a excessive use of napkins. Innovative burger toppings just makes the flavor depth more interesting you just need to keep them in check because there is such a thing as “too much of a good thing.” Continue reading

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Eat Me: Ten Bells Elotes

ten-bellsby Steven Doyle

What has been an odd week for elotes in Dallas comes a beautiful dish from the good people at Ten Bells Tavern in the Bishop Arts District of Oak Cliff. This sumptuous dish screams for attention, and certainly to be eaten paired with good beer and greater friends. Continue reading

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Ten Bells Tavern Midnight Food Binge Continues With The Banh Mi

sharpby Steven Doyle

Midnight’s at Ten Bells Tavern in Bishop Arts is becoming the fashionable place to dine. This is where a list of chefs have occasionally lined up to take over the kitchen and feed the hungry masses with what is sometimes an experiment to gauge interest, as in the many ramen nights with Justin Holt, or simply to have fun doing what they do best, as in the case of chef April Barney who recently had her turn at the midnight shift at Ten Bells with her version of chicken and waffles.

I just heard from local chef Cody Sharp and he said it is time he made his favorite sandwich, the Banh Mi.  Continue reading

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Chef April Barney Offering Midnight Chicken and Waffles at Ten Bells August 17

chickenwaffleby Steven Doyle

The happy trend of pop-up midnight food service at Ten Bells Tavern in Bishop Arts continues. This time from a chef you may not heard from in the past, but certainly has made her mark in our community. Chef April Barney leads up the culinary program for DISD, and guides dozens of children each year into culinary arts. Upon graduation many students check into one of the local culinary schools, or better yet, they work in fantastic restaurants such as Nick and Sam’s and FT33 in various capacities.

Chef Barney also takes up the slack with many chefs at charity and other food events in Dallas. She recently helped with Fork Fight, and I have seen her at numerous other events such as Savor Dallas and Chefs for Farmers.     Continue reading


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Ten Bells Goes Whole Hog Tonight

ten bellsby Steven Doyle

What is special about today? One of our favorite hidden gems in the Bishop Arts District is Ten Bells Tavern where they continue to throw down with some pretty awesome food that happens to be in a bar. The kitchen is ever so tiny, but the flavors are huge. Continue reading

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More Midnight Ramen At Ten Bells Tavern This Saturday

ramen1by Steven Doyle

Justin Holt’s last night at Lucia is this Saturday. After that you can find the up-and-coming chef cooking alongside his new boss and execu-chef, Omar Flores at Driftwood. You may recall the Holt name from his delightful pop-up ramen nights at a few Oak Cliff bars. The young chef would spend a week conjuring up killer ramen, which happens to be one of the hot new trends in dining, serving it up in cute Styrofoam cups for a mere five bucks.

Soon after Holt announced he was making his move to the seafood-centric restaurant Driftwood, he made comments about giving up on his ramenriffic dreams. Well, this is simply not true. When we caught wind of the new ramen night, which will be held at Ten Bells Tavern in the Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff, we checked in on Holt. “I’ve got a game plan that should keep me on the road to ramageddon I’m going to stick with it,” said the chef.    Continue reading


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