Rathbun BBQ Boot Camp This Weekend (And You Can Win Seats)

kent2by Steven Doyle

On September 29th diners, home cooks and backyard barbecue enthusiasts are invited to KB’s Woodfire Grill for a special presentation. Chef Kent Rathbun will be doing demonstrations with the Big Green Egg and showcasing a variety of barbecue techniques as he cooks up some of his favorite meats. So whether you’re cooking for yourself or an entire tailgate party, you’ll be able to absorb all the technical know how required to pull it off.

And all the while, Chef Kent will interact with guests, field questions and wax poetic on important subjects like the difference between St. Louis style ribs and baby back ribs. In addition, craveRADIO will be recording a show live at the event, and you will get to meet Kenny the Wine Czar, Chef Uno, the lovely Melissa and myself. There will also be some fun surprise guests in the house.

You can WIN two tickets by making a comment about your favorite style of BBQ below, or asking Chef Rathbun a question to be answered on air. We will award those tickets tomorrow afternoon (September 25), but you best buy your seat now before they sell out.   


The BBQ you will be noshing on this weekend includes:

·      St Louis Style Pork Ribs
·      Baby Back Ribs
·      Whole Roasted Beef Tenderloin
·      Barbecued Chicken
·      Prime Beef Culotte
·      Salt Crusted Branzini

In addition to demonstrating best practices for grilling the above items, Chef Kent will treat guests to a gourmet barbecue feast, where they’ll be able to sample all of the day’s delicious results. And to wash it down, there will be plenty of beer provided by Trinity Groves-based Four Corners Brewery.

Who: Focusing on the use of unique and exotic ingredients, KB Woodfire Grill features a menu of mouth-watering items. Open for special events, KB is the perfect place for social and business outings.

When: September 29, 2013 at 6:00pm

Cost: $75 per person plus tax and gratuity. Reservations: Reservations are required. Please call Jamie Biedermann at 214-619-3557 or email jamiec@kentrathbun.com.

Where: KB’s Woodfire Grill 8100 Dallas Parkway,  Plano


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18 responses to “Rathbun BBQ Boot Camp This Weekend (And You Can Win Seats)

  1. Walker

    Question: How important do you find liquids (mustard glazes prior to coating with rub, applpe juice in the drip pan, spraying the ribs with juice/vinegar mixtures, etc.) to be when doing ribs on the BGE, and why? What is the advantage to a purely “dry rub” vs. coating the ribs with mustard, for example?

  2. LuAnn Bergman

    I have just recently come to love the dry rub on ribs! Sometimes sauce just masks the taste of the meat! Maybe my taste buds are growing up!!!!

  3. Talisha McClaney

    Question: I am new to “queing” and want to know how important is the smoker? Do I need a fancy smoker or should I concentrate more on the charcoal and meat prepartion?

  4. Lindsay

    Never have cooked with a green egg. How does it compare to a tiered offset smoker? How would you recommend to cook your St Louis Style Pork Ribs on the offset smoker?

  5. Michael Slevin

    Central texas brisket is king. Louie Mueller’s is our cathedral. Memphis ribs were ok, NC chopped pork was ok (kind of), KC anything was pretty good but TX wrote the book on BBQ.

  6. JJFoodie

    My favorite is Texas-style brisket…burnt ends and meat candy all day long!

  7. Ken Panosh

    While smoking some meats, I’ve smoked other things like diced tomatoes on a pie plate and corn on the cob that I used for salsa. Has Kent done anything like this and if so, for what?

  8. Claudine B.

    BBQ doesn’t always have to be outside….apartment living and BBQ using an oven…I love my Coca-Cola Ribs. Yummo!

  9. Sarah

    As a big green egg owner, I would love to get some tips from Kent. His brother, Kevin, is a spokesperson for BGE.

  10. Juliette

    I have typically smoked salmon in an electric smoker and am wondering if the smoking of the fish would be any more or less difficult in a Big Green Egg.

  11. Michelle Dang

    I love slow smoked Texas-style brisket!

  12. Chef,
    Are you a vinegar base, mustard base, or dry rub fan? And why? Also do you prefer to brine or dry age ribs when going StL style?

  13. UTisTheLaw

    I am a big lover of burnt ends and melt in your mouth brisket.

  14. mel

    Was wondering if you think BBQ should be done hot and fast or slow and long. Also, are you are dry rub kinda guy or do you prefer to mop BBQ?

  15. If you had a single tip for beginning bbqr’s, what would it be ?

  16. Which marinade base is best for tender and tasty ribs…wine,beer or Dr Pepper?

  17. Scott Tobey

    Do you brine your BBQ chicken or is the BBQ sauce the marinade?

  18. Michelle is our winner today, selected at random. We will email info on how to claim that prize.

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