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Tim Love’s Ultimate Guide to Ribs

ribsby Kate Krader

It’s easier than ever to fake your way through a summertime cookout. You’ve heard about the test tube burger; you had to, it cost $33,000. Meanwhile, sales of alternative meat products, like faux hot dogs, continue to rise (to more than $550 million last year). The one cookout staple that doesn’t easily lend itself to veganism is ribs. So, before someone comes up with a test tube version, let’s shout out epic pork and beef ribs around the country.

Texas star chef Tim Love, whose restaurants include the Lonesome Dove Western Bistro and Love Shack, happens to be a ribs expert. He kindly provided a list of his favorite ribs spots—both pork and beef. Believe it or not, he’s got his eyes wide open enough to find a go-to place in Toronto.    Continue reading


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Rathbun BBQ Boot Camp This Weekend (And You Can Win Seats)

kent2by Steven Doyle

On September 29th diners, home cooks and backyard barbecue enthusiasts are invited to KB’s Woodfire Grill for a special presentation. Chef Kent Rathbun will be doing demonstrations with the Big Green Egg and showcasing a variety of barbecue techniques as he cooks up some of his favorite meats. So whether you’re cooking for yourself or an entire tailgate party, you’ll be able to absorb all the technical know how required to pull it off.

And all the while, Chef Kent will interact with guests, field questions and wax poetic on important subjects like the difference between St. Louis style ribs and baby back ribs. In addition, craveRADIO will be recording a show live at the event, and you will get to meet Kenny the Wine Czar, Chef Uno, the lovely Melissa and myself. There will also be some fun surprise guests in the house.

You can WIN two tickets by making a comment about your favorite style of BBQ below, or asking Chef Rathbun a question to be answered on air. We will award those tickets tomorrow afternoon (September 25), but you best buy your seat now before they sell out.    Continue reading


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