Toko V Opens Thursday Oct 3

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The long awaited Toko V set just above the freshly opened Village Kitchen, manned by Andre Natera, will start serving October 3rd for dinner. This is the Highland Park Village adjacent to Marquee Bar and the theater, all owned by the same folks, Twomey Concepts.

We all got a press release today discussing the leek new restaurant tat has been in the works for months since the closing and retooling of Marquee Grill. From herein is the press release info that tells the tale, followed by the menus laced with preview food photos. We are looking forward to this one.  

Steak Wafu

Sashimi platter

Executive Chef Andre Natera will oversee this restaurant as well as its sister restaurant, Village Kitchen.  For Toko V, Natera engaged veteran sushi chef Daniel Chau to oversee the extensive sushi menu.  The other side of the menu was inspired by a broad range of Asian flavors and dishes like a popular Japanese dish – strip steak with wafu sauce and watercress slaw and a traditional Malaysian curry called Laksa.  Natera explains, “The food – like the decor and atmosphere – is vibrant, fun and approachable.  We have incorporated a number of Asian cultures into this menu. Working as a chef in Southern California, a melting pot for American Asian cuisine, I found myself taking inspiration from that time in my career.”

Chef Chau, most recently head sushi chef of Steel Restaurant & Lounge, draws from his love of Japanese cuisine along with his Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese roots.   Chau features traditional sushi favorites as well as unique combinations such as salmon with carrot and yuzu, compressed watermelon tuna with chimichurri sauce and balsamic reduction or snapper with Thai coconut water and dragon fruit dice.

Veteran barman, Andrew Lotstetter, will oversee the cocktail program.  Lotstetter says, “Asian cuisine uses many complex and unique flavors.  The challenge of creating complementary cocktails that suit this menu was a unique and exciting experience, and I look forward to continuing to evolve the unique cocktail recipes as ingredients change with the season.”

Toko V is the third and final component of the space formerly inhabited by Marquee Grill. With Village Kitchen on the ground floor, The Marquee Bar above the theater marquee and Toko V on the second floor, this dining complex offers guests a variety of cuisine and environments, but all meant to compliment one another.



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