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Village Kitchen and Toko V Are Now Gone

village1by Steven Doyle

Yesterday closed the final chapter of the Village Kitchen and its upstairs cousin, Toko V. In a special breaking story owner Mark Hearl vowed he would keep his restaurants open until the end of the month to give employees enough time to find new jobs, and in a text last night he said they all had. This means that both restaurants and the attached bar are no more.

There was some sad but happy celebrations happening in and out of the kitchen, as well as a bottle of Opus One being uncorked. We will miss many of the items that Chef Andre Natera offered such as his Pecan Lodge Brisket Flatbread. We will also remorse Natera’s special steak night, and lobster thermador night. Also gone are Natera’s version of a cronut, and his Fruity Pebbles shakes.   Continue reading

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Highland Park Village Loses Two Restaurants And A Bar

toko vby Steven Doyle

Rumors have been flying recently about the Village Kitchen, Toko V and Village Bar closing, and I just received confirmation from partner Mark Hearl that they have reached an agreement with the owners of Highland Park Village to close the restaurant at the end of this month.

“It just made sense to go forward with this decision. We wanted to wait to announce this so employees may transition into another position,” said Hearl via telephone moments ago.    Continue reading


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A Poutine Primer For Texans

DSC08899by Steven Doyle

Since we are on the subject of Andre Natera and his restaurants in Highland Park Village, it might be worth noting that the chef recently added poutine to his menu at Village Kitchen. Poutine, you say? Yes, that luscious plate of steaming fried potatoes, laden with supple lumps of cheese curd and smothered with gravy. That poutine.

It could be argued that it is the national dish of Canada. Everywhere you go in Canada you will find a version of poutine on the menu. From the lowly McDonald’s version for $3.99, to the very elegant Au Pied de Cochon in Qubec with their foie gras version for a mere $23 Canadian. You cannot go anywhere, including a ballpark, without being able to order this dish. But most identify poutine as being sold at casse-croûtes, or a greasy spoon diner, or roadside chip wagons called cabanes à patates.    Continue reading


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A Night At Toko V

DSC08871by Steven Doyle

Any opportunity you might have to sample the cuisine prepared by one of Dallas’ best chefs, Andre Natera, seize the moment and enjoy. We did just that earlier this week when we paid the chef a visit at his newly opened Toko V in Highland Park Village. This is the toney hot spot that resides just above the Village Kitchen, also cheffed up by Natera. Toko is all about seafood, featuring a first rate sushi bar with Daniel Chau at the helm. Hot dishes such as small and big plates are navigated from below in Natera’s kitchen. 

Chef Chau, most recently head sushi chef of Steel Restaurant & Lounge, draws from his love of Japanese cuisine along with his Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese roots.   Chau features traditional sushi favorites as well as unique combinations such as salmon with carrot and yuzu, compressed watermelon tuna with chimichurri sauce and balsamic reduction or snapper with Thai coconut water and dragon fruit dice.    Continue reading

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Make Your Own Cronut, Just Don’t Call It A Cronut

Pumpkin_Cronutby Steven Doyle

We are not in the habit of running with recipes, but when we find something fun like a “cronut”, we can’t resist.  In the past months we have been hit with plenty of email asking about the phenomenon originating from Chef Dominique Ansel’s Spring Street bakery in New York City. The pastry is a croissant-doughnut hybrid that is layered much like a croissant, but eats like a doughnut.

The cronut changes flavors each month from Blackberry, Coconut and even a Fig Mascarpone. The current flavor is Apple Creme Fraiche, which actually sounds delicious.    Continue reading

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Toko V Opens Thursday Oct 3

interior TOKO 2 webby Steven Doyle

The long awaited Toko V set just above the freshly opened Village Kitchen, manned by Andre Natera, will start serving October 3rd for dinner. This is the Highland Park Village adjacent to Marquee Bar and the theater, all owned by the same folks, Twomey Concepts.

We all got a press release today discussing the leek new restaurant tat has been in the works for months since the closing and retooling of Marquee Grill. From herein is the press release info that tells the tale, followed by the menus laced with preview food photos. We are looking forward to this one.   Continue reading

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