Scenes From My Cell Phone: Casa Rubia

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I am pretty much out every night checking on the wining and dining scene in DFW, but do not always have my souped up Sony cam with me. Those are the nights I snap away using my cell phone and often share those pics with the good folks on Facebook. I have over 5,000 photos on my cell, and thought I should be sharing some of those with you. Look for future editions of Scenes From My Cell Phone.

This photo was taken at Casa Rubia in Trinity Groves last week when they were running a special called Polenta con Trufe y Iberco. Basically it is a bowl of polenta with an egg, a smattering of Jamon Iberco, freshly shaved black truffles, and an Iberco jus poured table-side. I pronounced that it was the best thing to hit my mouth in ages and was totally elated. I implored my Facebook buddies to drop in the next evening for an order of their very own, but alas they ran out of the Iberco jus.  There was only so much to go around.

Last night I ran into Cody Sharp, the sous at Casa Rubia, and he informed me that I should stop by tonight where he would be serving the special once again. Seems a bone was freed and he was able to make another round of the Iberco jus.    


The special will be available until one of the components runs out. Most likely they will be wiped out of the black truffles before the weekend is through. Sharp said he hoped the special would last all weekend starting tonight. If they run out, I might suggest the bacon wrapped rabbit. Insanely good and tender.

We do not typically use photos from cell phones, but if you have a particularly good shot send it to me for publication along with a yummy description. Send to


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  1. Bill

    Those photos are fine IMO

  2. Gmail Evilpepperman

    OOPS. He said “tonight”. :/

    On the go! ! !

  3. Lisa Hunter

    I just emailed this out to a bunch of friends and we plan on going tonight!

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