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Enjoy The New Pintxo Happy Hour At Casa Rubia In Trinity Groves

pintxoby Steven Doyle

Pintxo is a small snack, typically eaten in bars, traditional in northern Spain and especially popular in the Basque country. They are usually eaten  as a small snack while hanging out with friends; thus, they have a strong socializing component, and in the Basque country and Navarre they are usually regarded as a cornerstone of local culture and society. They are related to tapas, the main difference being that pintxo are usually ‘spiked’ with a skewer or toothpick, often to a piece of bread.    Continue reading

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Eat Me: Soft Shell Crab at Casa Rubia

DSC02651by Steven Doyle

A night in Trinity Groves always compels me to make at least a pit stop into Casa Rubia, the kicked up tapas restaurant cheffed by James Beard nominated Omar Flores. Last evening was no exception. I sauntered in for a cocktail, but actually walked away with a happy belly full of crab. In this case it was three smallish soft shells that were perched so beautifully on my plate ever so lovely.    Continue reading

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What’s Eating Your Phone?

phoneby Steven Doyle

Each week we ask the question, “What’s Eating Your Phone”? This is where we all can join in on the foodie fun and send in your latest dining photo that has you all jazzed. These are not necessarily limited to dining out, it can be from that last dinner party. And don’t think we discriminate against libations. Send in your favorite cocktail photo, too.

To be included in a future edition of What’s Eating Your Phone, send those photos to me at steven@cravedfw.com. A brief description and location would be super helpful. Here are this week’s selections:    Continue reading

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Scenes From My Cell Phone: Casa Rubia

rubiaby Steven Doyle

I am pretty much out every night checking on the wining and dining scene in DFW, but do not always have my souped up Sony cam with me. Those are the nights I snap away using my cell phone and often share those pics with the good folks on Facebook. I have over 5,000 photos on my cell, and thought I should be sharing some of those with you. Look for future editions of Scenes From My Cell Phone.

This photo was taken at Casa Rubia in Trinity Groves last week when they were running a special called Polenta con Trufe y Iberco. Basically it is a bowl of polenta with an egg, a smattering of Jamon Iberco, freshly shaved black truffles, and an Iberco jus poured table-side. I pronounced that it was the best thing to hit my mouth in ages and was totally elated. I implored my Facebook buddies to drop in the next evening for an order of their very own, but alas they ran out of the Iberco jus.  There was only so much to go around.

Last night I ran into Cody Sharp, the sous at Casa Rubia, and he informed me that I should stop by tonight where he would be serving the special once again. Seems a bone was freed and he was able to make another round of the Iberco jus.     Continue reading


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Here Is Our Restaurant Advice For This Weekend

DSC00730by Steven Doyle

You want to eat at all the hottest places in Dallas this weekend, well I have a few stand up choices. With all the new openings we all love to try and hit the new ones before going back to our old reliables. If you are like me you love to add new spots to the rotation of restaurants. I will admit to one major obsession, and for those that know me even in the slightest will guess that obsession has been Shell Shack on McKinney Avenue. Shell Shack has served me well nearly twenty times since opening less than two months ago. One really good reason is because their kitchen is open until 1am, except Sunday where they close at 10pm. Should you drop by there, ask for what I usually get, which is a pound of Dungeness doctored up with a spicy concoction they call ‘the kitchen sink’. There are different spice levels, and I typically go hot instead of the very hottest which is called diablo. You can add potatoes, corn and even a tasty sausage.

I have actually written very little about Shell Shack, unless you happen to follow me on Facebook where I beat down my friends weekly with enticing photos of crab. The whole affair can get quite messy, but they have hand washing machines on the ready.   Continue reading

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Casa Rubia In Trinity Groves Serves Up A Slice Of Spain

casa4by Steven Doyle

There are a few tapas restaurants in Dallas, but none hold true to the flavor of Spain as much as the new Casa Rubia does in Trinity Groves. The beautiful new restaurant cheffed by Omar Flores with Cody Sharp as sous is cranking out delicious and beautiful plates of authentic flavor.  A recent visit revealed a heavenly paella served in the large paellera that easily serves a hungry gathering of four. Flores now makes what is possibly the best charcuterie board in the city, balanced perfectly on a rough-hewn wedge of wood.

On the menu is a version of Flores’ pulpa, as delicious but different that his octopus at Driftwood. The chef has the dish down pat and is a must order.    Continue reading

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There Was No Forking Around In Trinity Groves Last Night

fork5by Mary Szefcyk

Editor’s note: If you do not wish to read about the delicious goings on, please skip down to the last paragraph where you not only find out who wins this food battle, but you also will hear a tale of tattoos and Mexican wrestlers riding dragons. 

Trinity Grove’s  round one Fork Fight competition was a tremendous success last night.  Omar Flores of Casa Rubia and Yaser Khalaf of Souk battled against each other creating four delightful innovative dishes for you to be the judge.  Guests gathered eagerly anticipating a relaxing evening of food and wine while taking in the sounds of “DJ STRADIVARI The Violin Guy”.  For one fixed price of $75 you enjoy an open bar, mingling with fellow foodies, bubblies, cocktails, and doing what you love most.  Ticket holders luxuriate in a four course meal times two and that simply equals happiness.  How many chances do you get to devour two of everything by two different talented chefs?  I wish every meal on Earth could be served this way.           Continue reading

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