Eat Me: Burnt Ends At Work


by Steven Doyle

Only sold once a week, the burnt ends at Work in Deep Ellum are well worth waiting for. Sold only on Thursdays at the restaurant, you can also find some silken brisket every day of the week. If you should decide to brave the lines for the burnt ends, know that they sell quickly, and you may wish to be first in line when the restaurant opens. Best bet for acquiring the burnt ends? Become best friends with pitmaster, Doug Pickering.   

For those not in the know, the burnt end is the section separated from the flat of the brisket, called the point. The point takes much longer to render down to tenderness due to the heavy amount of fat and collagen. Often, the section is cubed and additional seasoning is added before returning to the smoker for more duty. The result is the most flavorful portion of the brisket; tender and delicious. Men covet this special beefy prize.

Update: Mr. Pickering sends word that he will not be smoking his meat tonight due to a shoulder surgery. Look for the luscious burnt ends next week. Pickering said he will be doing burnt ends on Thursday and Friday through the end of the month to make up for our loss this week.


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  1. Rob

    Have you tried the Burnt Ends at Peggy Sue BBQ in Snider Plaza which are served on Fridays?

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