Club Schmitz WILL Be Closing May 31 *Updated

2014-02-06 13.32.35by Steven Doyle   photos by Robert Bostick

For the past month we have been fielding rumors that Club Schmitz would be closing this summer. In a panic we sent ace photographer Robert Bostick out for a photo shoot a few weeks ago. We both have been getting mixed stories, so we chose not to run with anything at that time. Today, Robert Wilonsky at the Dallas Morning News came up with his version of the story that points to a large possibility that Schmitz has seen its final year.    

2014-02-06 13.43.18

Club Schmitz is the iconic beer bar off Webbs Chapel Extension, virtually hidden from all civilization, that also happens to serve up a mighty tasty burger and bowl of chili since 1946. This burger generally makes every happy list that discusses burgers at any length for its old fashioned simpleness. Any burger grilled on a flat top that has been around since Ho Chi Minh was elected president of North Vietnam has to be doing something right, and has definitely earned its place in local lore.

For now, according to the Wilonsky story, Schmitz is safe. Our sources inside the bar claim it is a foregone conclusion. Time for a visit to Schmitz now, wouldn’t you say?

Update: After more talks, we have a confirmation that said the Club would be open for about 3 more months.

Update (Again): It is official, Schmitz is closing May 31.






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5 responses to “Club Schmitz WILL Be Closing May 31 *Updated

  1. WOW – talk about a blast from the past. Haven’t been there in years. Time to return!

  2. Doug

    my father used to go there, as I did also…..i’m now 74 yrs old and a retired airline pilot……..after some of my flights back to DFW I would go and meet several friends where we were all regulars at “The Club” and after removing my pilot insignias, I would join them for a Bud and burger…….it is an institution that will be missed by many…….

  3. Jay Nelson

    “Webb” Chapel! There is no possessive “s” at the end. Sorry. That’s a big pet peeve of mine.

  4. It shows our age. There was a time when there was a Webb Chapel and a Webbs Chapel. The ‘s’ was added the further north you went. Our bad, but we are smiling.

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