Dallas Pictorial Seafood Guide

lionfishby Joey Stewart

It’s Friday again here in Lentenville. That means no meat for many. Here are some of the best seafood options in Dallas to help you avoid that lightning bolt, and guide you in the right direction.  

1 - OctopusGrilled Octopus at Driftwood

2 - Lobster RollLobster Roll at 20 Feet Seafood

3 - TJs BountyBounty of Seafood from TJs Seafood Market

4 - Arctic Char TartareArctic Char Tartare at Gemma

5 - Tei Tei Fresh Fish on IceGrilled Whole Fish at Tei Tei

6 - Spoon Sea Urchin CrudoSea Urchin Crudo at Spoon

7 - Sharaku Scallop BestScallop skewer at Sharaku

8 - Crab Cake OceanairreCrab Cake at Oceanairre

9 - Nonna Lobster RavioliLobster Ravioli at Nonna

10 - Salmon Tacos NazcaSalmon Tacos at Nazca

11 - Casa Rubia Squid Ink pastaSquid Ink Pasta with Clams at Casa Rubia

12 - EH sammy co Clam ChowderClam Chowder at East Hampton Sandwich Company

13 - Fish City Fish TacosFish Tacos at Fish City Grill

14 - Freeman Oyster PoboyOyster Po Boy at The Free Man Cajun Café

15 - Toko V Dancing EscolarDancing Escolar at Toko V

16 - Grouper at Five SixtyGrouper at Five Sixty

17 - Mussels and Clams at AmberjaxMussels and Clams at Amberjax

DSC09812Bouillabaise at Dive Coastal


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