Eat Me: Cuban Burger at 303 Grill in Oak Cliff

burger 303by Steven Doyle

It seems every time I go to 303 Grill in Oak Cliff they have a new burger waiting for me to try. They sincerely go out of their way to discover new burger craziness that performs as a symphony in your mouth. The latest burger is no exception. Behold: the Cuban Burger.

Think kicked up Cuban sandwich with burger fixings, that just happened to get lost in a bacon factory. The Cuban Burger is a typical 303 burger with slices of ham and a bacon cup filled with pulled pork. Bacon cup. Filled with pulled pork. And of course there is always a side of those hand cut fries.  

I am wondering what else 303 can do with their stash of bacon cups. I have a list:

Mini creme brulee 
Precious Caesar salad
Tiny Eggs Benedict
Baby Meatloaf
Individual guacamole holder

Thank you 303 for giving us something to think about on this very cold Spring day.


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