Community Cooks At Paul Quinn College

DSC01283by Steven Doyle

A Community Cooks is an annual fundraiser to benefit the We Over Me Farm at Paul Quinn College, a student-run organic farm dedicated to improving the well being of its surrounding Highland Hills community and other communities in the Southern sector of Dallas by providing hands-on educational experiences and fresh, healthy affordable food options.

Last night guests from the community converged on the remnants of a football field that is now the bulk of the farm on the Paul Quinn campus. Each year since converting the field into farmland we notice new improvements, and the ever sense of success. Pride reels across the faces of the students as they take a firmer ownership of the yield.

DSC01278 Eric Shelton, Kitchen LTO

DSC01280Sharon Van Meter, 3015 Trinity Groves


Many chefs from the Dallas area were also on hand to feed the crowd. We spotted chefs such as Patrick Stark from Sundown, Eric Shelton from Kitchen LTO, Mark Wooton from Garden Cafe, Sharon Van Meter from 3015, Keith Hicks from Buttons and David Anthony Temple the Underground Chef. There were many more, all offering tastes from the bounty Spring is offering. It was one pretty incredible evening over all.


DSC01303Mark Wooton, Garden Cafe

DSC01269Chef DAT




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