Some Good News From Goodfriend

stephanieby Steven Doyle

It has been nearly two years since Josh Yingling and Matt Tobin (Goodfriend, Blind Butcher) announced that they would open a package store across the street from Goodfriend. The new store would carry cool beers, and offer prepared food. The nameless shop would be located in the laundromat.

The few months it would take to open obviously took much longer due to the City of Dallas, and a large reel of red tape.   

Today we are sent word that the operation to open the bottle shop is back on, with much of the original plans intact. The owners have hired Stephanie Roethlisberger who operated The Bottle Shop located across from the Blind Butcher. Roethlisberger is well known in the industry for her extreme knowledge and passion for beer. For now you may find Roethlisberger behind the bar the Blind Butcher.

“Stephanie is working with us full time now with her eventual position being the GM of the package store across the street from Goodfriend. She will also be in charge of all beer events and related special events at all venues,” said Tobin. This addition will make the company of restaurant-bars even stronger.

Tobin added, “As far as a timeline on the opening or completion of the package store, I have no comment. Good news is we are doing very well at both Goodfriend and Blind Butcher, the commissary kitchen, [located behind the Goat in East Dallas] is coming along great. As soon as we get it [the commissary] done we will be able to open for lunch at Butcher and roll into completion on Package store”.



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  1. Toni Allred

    Excellent decision to hire Stephanie Roethlisberger! She is the BEST there is!!

  2. Congrats Steph. You are the best!

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