Boy Scout Hill Has Been Saved By East Dallas Residents

boy scoutby Steven Doyle

For residents of East Dallas the thought of developing Boy Scout Hill near White Rock Lake seemed sacrilegious. In a meeting back in December of 2013 members of the White Rock Lake Task Force were presented plans to develop the 12 square mile area. Architect Lyle Burgin and attorney Richard Kopf relayed information that they plan to build a restaurant on a patch of Boy Scout Hill. Neighbors of the park were none too pleased.

Although Mayor Mike Rawlins did not express an opinion of support at that time, it has been evident that he has been eager to develop White Rock for many years.   

Since the initial meeting back in December, a coalition of East Dallas residents have been meeting to save Boy Scout Hill, and even held a parade over Easter weekend which attracted the likes of Kinky Freedman, who was happy to lend his voice to the cause.


It was at that rally that the name Stephan Pyles was brought up as a potential tenant, which enraged proponents to save Boy Scout Hill. However, when approached, Chef Pyles said he had never heard of the park, much less wanted to open a restaurant there. His words: “Why would anyone want to do that?”

Today it was announced that the developers would drop the plan to build an 8,500-square-foot restaurant with 5,000 square feet of outdoor seating and a 160-space parking lot.

The following statement was just released by the developing firms public relations firm:

Developers Lyle Burgin and Rick Kopf have decided to suspend their efforts to build a restaurant on Boy Scout Hill at White Rock Lake.

“We both firmly believe that the concept would be an excellent amenity for all of the citizens of Dallas, but the present time is not the right time. We thank all of the individuals and groups that have voiced their support. And we will see you at the lake!”

In this, there is victory for residents and anyone wishing to use the park for its intended use.  You can bet there will be a celebration on Boy Scout hill this weekend. Grab a kite.

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