10 Ways To Celebrate National Eat What You Want Day May 11

mr-creosote1by Steven Doyle

The national food days are interesting. I don’t chat them all up, but we do celebrate a few like National Pie, Burger or Pizza Day. And why not? I just scanned the latest list of food days and spotted one for this weekend called National Eat What You Want Day. Now that is a holiday that I can rally around. It happens to coincide with Mother’s Day, so I hope she has her eating pants on.

I have been writing all day and haven’t taken a break to eat anything, so I am ripe for a list. Here are a few things I wan to eat right now, be sure to tell me how you will celebrate.  Oh, and any time I can use the photo of Mr. Creosote, I will. 

allgood cafeThe chicken fried steak at Allgood Cafe

DSC00878The fish and chips at Toad in the Hole

DSC01104The new elotes stuffed quail at Bolsa

DSC09812The bouillabaisse at Dive Coastal

EDSC00089The roasted baby artichokes at Gemma (with requisite poached egg)

DSC00167The bruleed ruby red grapefruit pie at CBD.


boulevardierThe grilled baby octopus at Boulevardier

club-schmitzThe Club Schmitz burger. If for no other reason than after this month you will never be able to have one again. Ever.

SONY DSCThe duck poutine with foie gras supplement at Blind Butcher. I can’t get enough of this stuff. They tell me that there is a new shrimp poutine, so I will try that soon.

waffleThe 3am breakfast at The Waffle House. Because sometimes you just need to.

Fried Ipswich ClamsBONUS: The fried Ipswich clams at 20 Feet Seafood Joint just to hear Marc Cassel go “arrrrrrgh”.


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