Chef Genius Andre Natera Unfolds Food Quandry

Chef Andre Natera, photo by Danny Fulgencio - dannyfulgencio.comby Steven Doyle

We know that brilliant chefs can cook, and it truly is a form of art. But how are they with the sciences? For sure the art of pastry is a science, where as cooking on the savory side is more of a dalliance of braising or even a  tete-a-tete on the grill with their favorite cut of cow. But today we see that the chef’s mind works far more three dimensional than most.

To prove the genius of at least one of our favorite chefs, we examine the paperwork of Andre Natera who provides proof once and for all that “pie equals cake”. Read on for proof.  

Natera explains his theory, “A moment of brilliance when the delta brain wave kicked in after a 15 hour shift of cooking. Pi (3.14) / pie = cake.”

Here is his work:


“I was working on my thesis to disprove Einstein’s theory of relativity in a moment of clarity I came up with this. I am now working to disprove Schoedinger’s cat. With Schrodinger’s cake…. Stay tuned.”

Natera is now waiting for the call from the Nobel Foundation.


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