Becks Prime Closing Greenville Location

becks2by Steven Doyle

We were sent word today that Becks  Prime will be closing their Greenville Avenue location tomorrow. Beck’s is the home of the drive through burger and steak restaurant. The steaks and burgers are actually quite good, and still have two other locations in Dallas. One is on Oak Lawn, the other on Forest at Preston. I thought it was pretty good for a fast casual restaurant. Have you tried their food? What did you think?   


Here is the press release:

On June 30th, we will close the doors to the Becks Prime location on Greenville Ave. After much thought and consideration, we have found that this area was not a good fit for our concept and the flow of traffic was not as we had expected. Our two other Dallas locations have proven to be a great success and we look forward to serving our customers in those communities. We are thankful to employ a wonderful group of people and we are committed to relocating them to one of our other stores

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  1. RW

    I think folks from Houston dont really understand Dallas neighborhoods, the two cites are really different, the Houston Real Estate apt and for sale guys are attracted to strange locations too.

    The food is good, but I feel a bit confused by the price point and the experience. It is a real full meal price delivered in a fast food concept that takes a bit to receive.

    …and that Grenville location was not a good choice, not visible enough with the other two buildings, lots of other Dallas “institutions” right around the corner, with Ozona, Snuffers & Twisted Root already long established.

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