Trigger’s Toy Fete A Smashing Success

DSC05714by Steven Doyle

In September of 2008, bar industry veteran Bryan Townsend and his pup Trigger joined forces to contribute to local area hospitals’ Animal Assisted program, which gives children the opportunity to interact with a friendly pet during their time at the hospital. After a few visits, Bryan realized the positive impact a simple visit from a dog like Trigger could have on these children undergoing therapy. As a result, he has created an additional charitable program called Trigger’s Toys.

The purpose of Trigger’s Toys is to bring further joy to the lives of hospitalized children by opening up doors for toy donations and monetary donations from the community; bringing childhood nostalgia to an environment that needs it. A visit from a kind-hearted dog like Trigger, or a toy to play with can make the world of difference in a day for a sick young person at the hospital. 


Last evening the good people at the newly opened Henry’s Majestic opened their restaurant up to the top bartenders in the state (and a good handful from across the country) for a special pop up bar. Actually, they opened five pop up bars in the various spaces in the restaurant. The “bars” represented were a honky tonk, a sports bar, a disco, a tiki club, and speakeasy called & and &. At each the bartenders created cocktails representing their own unique theme.

The alcohol was donated by various liquor sponsors, and 100% of the take last evening went directly to the Trigger’s Toys. We have not heard this years tall as of yet, but you can bet it was a good night.  At the past four events the bartenders raised over $300,000 for the charity.

We have included a few photos from last evening. If you wish to make a donation to Trigger’s Toys check out the website.











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